Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What’s for Dinner?

That was the question yesterday morning at breakfast. At the F&P we don’t usually plan meals in advance with the exception of when friends are coming over and we’re the hosts. Usually, the most advance planning we do is looking in the fridge or freezer after breakfast and figuring out what we can come up with using what’s already there.

Going through the pantry, then fridge/freezer produced a package of opened lasagna noodles, veggie lasagna013111 (3)fresh broccoli, frozen tomatoes from last year’s harvest, and a package of shredded cheeses that included mozzarella and provolone.  We bought a package of sausage and a container of ricotta cheese. After cooking, the pasta, sausage, and broccoli, and tomatoes were assembled in lawyers with the cheeses. Here’s the result.

Then, after cooking and serving.

veggie lasagna013111 (1)

Grenville baked a loaf of fresh rosemary-Italian bread – no store bought here, he made this loaf. It was delicious!

bread 013111 (2)






The best part – there’s leftovers of everything. That’s another thing we enjoy – NO cooking a second night.


grammie g said...

HI Beatrice..that's it make me drool all over myself lol
Looks delicious!!
Where getting bombed tomorrow with another big are you doing down there???

Anvilcloud said...

Aren't leftovers wonderful. One of the perks of having just two diners.

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

It's time for bed and now I'm hungry. :-)

martymom said...

Your dinner looks mouthwatering. Go ahead. Tempt me. Here I am trying to stay on veggies for awhile as I need to loose weight desperately, and you go show this wonderful food, which I know first hand was scrumpcious. Both of you only make scrumpcious food. See you at our house for dinner on Sunday. I promise it will not be all veggie food. Happy Birthday Beatrice. Love to both of you.

Montanagirl said...

Wow that looks pretty tasty!

Elaine said...

Looks good!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Grammie G, we have leftovers so if you can dig out you are welcome to come for dinner! Heard that you are getting snowed on (again) today our high temps will be in the 60s, possibly near 70 with morning rain and then sunshine..this is WINTER??? At least it will give us a good day to take down the outside holiday decos. Temps will be in the 30s by tommorrow, but no snow (sigh).

Welcome Laura, next time I will have to post food pics BEFORE bedtime. I will visit your blog later and do come back again, anytime!

Hi Marty, it was a variation of lasagna but the real deal is so much better and you are right not great for weight reduction, but we only ate single portions so leftovers the rest of the week...see you on Sunday and looking forward to our get-together (as always).

Hi Mona & Elaine, it was good, only needed a bit more time.

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