Thursday, February 3, 2011

Birthday Celebration Live Blogging

9:00 am Due to security issues there were no pictures from breakfast, Sorry!!!! But the early morning feast was held at the World Famous 'SAGE DINER' in beautiful Onley Va. The Princess opted for the 2-2-2 Special of 2 eggs, 2 pancakes and 2 strips of bacon. All with their wonderful coffee.
From there the Princess went and volunteered at the Accomack County Library for the morning as i went to teach ESL.
We are now both at the Library and about to leave. More later.....

12;30 pm- Our local radio station WESR paid a special tribute to the Princess and announced many Birthday greetings. We believe that they may be carried on many of the major networks later in the day.

1:30 pm- A grand luncheon was held for the Princess in the Frog & PenguINN Grand Ballroom. Lunch consisted of the Princess's favorite, Peanutbutter and Banana on fresh bread. Side dish was Pineapple and Mango fruit salad. Hot Coffee was her choice of beverage. The Post office has brought in temporary help to handle all of the postal birthday wishes that are flooding in, and our internet carrier has had to temporarily increase our incoming bandwidth to handle the massive volume.

5:16pm The afternoon has been a whirlwind of little errands that needed taking care of. Next stop is to the Y. Remember, Y is the answer. Unfortunately I forgot the question!!!! Hopefully we will leave a few pounds there so we can find new ones over the weekend. Sort of a balancing game.

7:10pm Back from our 'hour of pain' at the Y. As we were leaving we had to have the local SWAT Team escort us through the throngs of TV and radio personalities vieing for an interview with the Princess. But we are now safely back at the Frog & PenguINN getting ready for a sumptuous dinner of one of the Princess's favorites, Left Overs. Tonight it will be Shepherds Pie (made with real shepherds) and a wonderful salad. Unfortunately the lettuce will not be from our greenhouse (yet).

9:30pm The Birthday Banquet is finally over. The Grand Ballroom was aglow with candle light just as the Princess loves. The meal was truly sumptuous with the addition of the fresh green salad and a glass of our favorite sparkling cider. To finish we split the last of a special chocolate bar that was sent as a present.

And finally we have the official Royal Birthday Portrait of Princess Beatrice.
Thanks to all for following this momentous occasion.


Daisy said...

Well, then happy, happy birthday to the Princess!! Breakfast and lunch both sound divine. I hope dinner is equally as wonderful. I hope the Princess (and you too, Grenville)have a wonderful day. :)

Out on the prairie said...

Ohhh have you got a permit for candles?Lovely thoughts, you go all out for this celebration.

diane b said...

Happy Birthday, Princess B, what about a pic of birthday girl????

Country Gal said...

Happy B-day ! Sounds like a wonderful time ! Have a great day !

martymom said...

Once again, Happy Birthday "Princess B". See you and Grenville for a great ground hog stew and maybe a surprise Sunday. Now I said, just maybe a surprise. LYF, "M" & "B"

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks Daisy, Steve, Diane, Elaine, and Marty for the birthday greetings. Grenville sure kept everyone up to date with the celebration happenings today.
Did you like the birthday hat, Diane?
Looking forward to seeing you both on Sunday, M&B, Cheesecake will be coming with us too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to everyone for sharing today with us. Yes Daisey, dinner was great. We just used our normal dinner candles Steve. Fire laws and all. You got your wish Diane. The Princess finally sat still for a birthday portrait. We did have a great day Country Gal. Secret message for MartyMom, "the cheesecake is done". Set your Little Orphan Annie Secret Decoder Ring to C3. And remember, Annie is counting on you!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great day You had!
I feel so much calmer now that I know the swat team has arrived :-) :-)

It´s nice to know that the Princess stays in contact with the common people by having leftovers for dinner :-) :-)

Happy Birthday once again Beatrice!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Christer, yes it was a good day and in between the breakfast and dinenr we managed to go about our normal (for us) Thursday routines. And, Grenville treats me royallly as befits a princess, who really does enjoy leftovers! Thanks for the birthday wishes, my friend.

Elaine said...

Looks like a lovely Birthday--well, except for the necessity for the SWAT team. That must have been a little unsettling. The birthday portrait is lovely!

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