Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Getting a little behind?????

Yep, that was the question the Princess put to me today. Of course she was referring to my lack of posts. She thinks i can’t cut the mustard so here is my ketchup post. (Dang i love a good pun,,, but i like even a bad pun).
So as most of you know we started th100_0350e Valentines weekend on Saturday with a nice Slow Roast of Beast with Special House Horseradish Sauce, some Baked Butternut and Pumpkin topped with Pecans (what else) and sautéed Green Beans and Stewed Tomatoes (one of Beatrice’s special100_0352ty dishes). And if you were worried about our diets, this was all on it. Only problem was the lack of Fudge Sauce on the Butternut and Pumpkin. Needless to say, there were no prisoners taken.
Sunday was a jaunt through Chincoteague Refuge on bikes. Left with a wind burnt and frozen face. I wanted to stop at the Island Clinic and Creamery but they said my insurance was used up. We opted for “Jack’s Insurance” coverage. We get 2 aspirin, 3 band aids and $50 hospitalization at the clinic each month. So instead we got a Rotisserie Chicken on the way home.  And last night was a special dinner at ANNIE’s (where butter is a food group).
Yesterday started the Mutton Hunk Fen Project. Well actually it is a continuation of the project we started 2 years ago. The first year we replanted 35 acres, the next year was 50 acres and this year we will replant 75 acres. BUT i’ve already told you this, so i will just put up the pictures.



Most of my work was in field 2 and 3. The afternoon temps got up to 68F which would have been really nice if it hadn’t been for the 30 mph winds. We have a crew of AmeriCorps folks helping us so there had to be specific instructions given for the planting.
The bottom right is the one i love the best. As always, Green side UP, Brown side DOWN. Its amazing that some folks (college grads like these) occasionally need some reminding of this concept. Of course when questioned about this we always tell  the truth,,, “The Chinese don’t like these plants popping up in their rice paddies”. Some100_0361 times a globe is necessary for this Geographical theorem to sink in. My job was the really technical one. I walked the rows after the plants had been set (not planted yet) in the pre-drilled holes and tied a piece of Red Plastic Tape onto the plants so they would be visible when the undergrowth began taking over. Tomorrow will be another day on the fen and in all truth i am really looking forward to it.


Lois Evensen said...

My goodness, you have been busy.

Anvilcloud said...

A fen time was had by all.

Lois Evensen said...

And, the more I think about it, don't most people want to get a little behind? It seems you were able to do it without even dieting!

Anonymous said...

Kids,,, Kids,,,, I think i'm being taken 'out of context' and i don't even where them!!!!!
I was hoping folks would think this was 'fenny'!!!! (ouch)

Daisy said...

Dinner sounds like it was lovely even if the fudge sauce was missing.

martymom said...


Ginny said...

I love your humerous style of writing! Your Valentine meal looks so good, despite no fudge sauce!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Sounds like your Valentine's Day was wonderful...and getting behind is par for the course for me!
You are soooo busy. Lots going on at your house..

Rusty said...

Oh my, all I can say is we relish these things... (Ouch)?

Sandra said...

i am worn out just reading about all your work, since i am retired and OLD this is amazing to me. your table is beautiful and the meal sounds good to me. you did a good job on you ketchup post

grammie g said...

Hi Grenville.... my are we getting catchy with or words....don't you just love those kind of double use!!
If that's on you diet ,did that mean you could eat that all at one setting???
Sounds like your keeping busy, that helps keep snowshoeing of your mind Hahaha!!

Anonymous said...

I really like that sign :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Out on the prairie said...

Nice to be putting in all those trees.

Anonymous said...

HEy Kids!!!! I'm afraid that the Fudge sauce will be missing for a while Daisy. Hi MartyMom. I'm not humerous Ginny. I take everything very cerially (often with milk and strawberries). Ah yes Whispersweetly, life moves fast here and it isn't even planting time yet. If you are old and tired Sandra, retirement could kill ya. It is definatly not for the weak hearted. So you really like my Double Ontondreas Grammie???? Probable due to all the snow shoeing you get to do :-(... Christer, i knew you would love that sign. Thats why i took the picture. The best part of putting in all those trees Steve was that i was a supervisor and tagger. The kids did all the hard work.

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