Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow???? Again????

Reclusive Hermit RH here (still). So what’s with this snow stuff????? This is supposed to be the ’Sunny South’. I mean, i could have been in Florida with my couzin instead of here spending a fortune to keep my shell warm. At 7AM we officially had 1.5 inches, which is half way up my shell.

Now Grenville’s furnace won’t kick on and it is gettin’ cold in here. I spent an hour tryin’ to climb up to the phone to call the service guy but just as i got there Grenville appeared and made the call. I hope it was to the right place. Good thing cause i don’t speak Eastern Shore :-)…

Beatrice has been out takin’ pictures of the snow and Grenville is out in the back grazin’ on what ever he can find. He was mumblin’ something about the ’Fudge Tree’, but who knows with him…..

I tried to get the John Deere going Possum, but i couldn’t find enough blocks to put on the pedals, so the snow will just have to melt on its own (which should be in about 5 minutes). You never should have showed him your new snow shoes Grammie. He left with tennis rackets duct taped to his slippers this morning. So embarrassin’. Especially with him in those overalls he claims “Shrank”. I can’t wait to get backgothic bears under my rock in the wild flowers.

I’m thinking of callin’ in his parents to get him straight.



Country Gal said...

RH , you crack me up lol loved your post. Yup we have had enough of winter here in South Western Ontario Canada to much snow and too cold come on spring ! Have a great day !

Daisy said...

There's a Fudge Tree? I want to plant one of those!! :-)

Thanks for the smile! Hope you have a great day.

L. D. Burgus said...

Yep, we will be losing some snow up here the next five days so you should be hot down there. We will get to a high of 12 degrees F. today but tomorrow it will be 31.

Reclusive Hermit said...

I know what you mean CG. I'm not sure if the 'Fudge Tree' really exists or is just a fragment of Grenvilles imagination (i'm betting on the later).
31F L.D.,,, i bet you're trying on bathing suits and checking the beach chairs and umbrellas this afternoon.

grammie g said...

Hey Reclusive..I'm hear just getting over the news of that awful snow storm you 2 inches!!
I bet that was a sight, but I think tennis rackets and duct tape sound pretty darn ingenious !! Yes'a !! That might be worth keeping in mind in a pinch, but of course I'll have to go buy me a set of rackets though!! : }}

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