Friday, February 4, 2011

All Blogged out

Hi folks. Grenville asked me to come out of my shell and let everyone know he has over blogged himself. As the latest councilor we hired ran screaming from the F&P, poor Grenville was sitting in the library mumbling "Please no more posts,,,,,,,,All i want is some rest, and a hot fudge sundae."
So for the next few days i will be taking his place. But be assured that poor Grenville is getting the best of care. He is scheduled for a cranialoscopy to try to relieve his mental constipation.
As i get news i will pass it along.

Reclusive Hermit


Anvilcloud said...

You mean there is a cure? Really?

Montanagirl said...

Too funny.

Elaine said...

Hmmm, sounds like Grenville is working the worn out angle just to get that hot fudge sundae. Well, it's amazing what a little hot fudge can do for a body, so hopefully he'll be back to his normal self soon. Oh, wait, is back to normal a good thing or not?

grammie g said...

I just new this was going to end up with a problem!!
I do hope there is something to remove that cranial blockage!! hahaha!!!
I'v heard that chocolate is good for constipation!!

Country Gal said...

HAHAHA You are all so funny lol its good to take some time to rejuvenate and chocolate wont hurt either hehe ! Have a great day !

Anonymous said...

Poor man :-) But it will ease up when they get rid of that blockage :-) :-)

Have a great day now!

HermitJim said...

Nothing like a hot fudge sundae to fix what ails ya!

If chocolate can't fix it, it ain't really broke!

Reclusive Hermit said...

Yes AC, the Chief Creamer feels that Grenville will recover. No Elaine, he was Polyflaked to make sure he was not faking. Yes Grammie, Oral Hot Fudge Flushes are proven clearers of Mental Constipation. Sort of Liquid Plumber for the mind. Yes Country Gal rejuvination is great. Could Grenville rejuvinate at your place for the month of May? That nasty blockage is just melting away Christer. Hot Fudge may be the new Penicilan Hermit.

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