Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Late Breaking News!!!!!!

Our local branch of the Wienie Leaks Organization has just uncovered a nefarious plot to circumvent Spring.temperance They have learned through interrogation methods that we won’t speak of that a certain cross dressing mammal living near Dingley’s Mill has been intercepting emails for the Muskrats. Being the secret and sober souls that the the ladies are, they were the only ones entrusted with the true whereabouts of Marshall and Mandy Muskrat.

The Onley National Weather Station has just received a certified, bonified and refried message from Marshal who, with Mandy, has been wintering in the Bahamas. It reads:
Dear Grenville,
Thanks to the ever alert Ladies of Wienie Leaks we were alerted to the dastardly deed that a certain ‘drag queen porcupine’ (also know as the Despicable Pungoteague Possum) has perpetrated on the fine, yet gullible, folks on our beloved Eastern Shore.
To set the record straight Your winter is over and Spring is beginning. In fact to prove we are correct just consult your present weather as of 3:28 PM which is at a loverly 68F and sunny.
One last minor detail. Could you pick Mandy and I up at the airport next week. They towed our car and we don’t want to waste any of the little RUM money we have getting it back. Besides, it smells like a moldy porcupine.
Thanks, Your Faithful Fellow Weather Prognosticators
Marshall & Mandy
m7m walking
m7m swiming
Here we are disguised as dolphins Here we are disguised as Humans
And there you have it folks. Winter is over and Spring is popping out all over here on the Beautiful Eastern Shore. We hope the same is true where ever you live. Well, if you are in the Northern Hemisphere that is(Diane D. we hope you are not near the Cyclone area and are having a nice summer).


grammie g said...

Hey have waaay to much time on your hands!!
I know now where you really had gone wasn't the been down there hitting the bottle.. plotting this dastardly deed with possum!!
I best see if I can get hold of Beatrice maybe she can get you in for a few psych.visits!!
If you don't know of The Red Green Show on the Public Broadcasting System... google that... you may be able to get a job there writing for the show or perhaps you have watched it and thats your problem!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Grammie, Actually niether Possum nor I 'hit the bottle' unless in my case it is Blueberry Pomogranite Juice. And that keeps my lunacy slightly in check. Truth is that this has been an ongoing fued (friendly though) between me and the 'keeper' of the Pungoteague Possum aka 'Queenie'. I'll have to find 'The Red Green Show' some day. For tonight the movie is "Ground Hog Day" as if you couldn't guess that. So how much snow do you have??

L. D. Burgus said...

I saw warm sunshine today and felt like basking in it by shoveling my driveway of nine inches of snow. I am so glad spring is here. Oh yes, it was nine degrees F.

OldBikeRider said...

Well, well, well, tisk, tisk...
The feds will be after you soon for leaking. I have known you for many years, but this may be what gets you to hard labor. Watch out as you approach the airport, they may be waiting to Spring it on you (or the musk rats)at the luggage area.

Beware, spring is not here in SW Virginia though looking at the window today it would make you think it has arrived. The wind is howling and cold tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hey L.D. Did you get all that snow that missed us here on the Eastern Shore? Being a Yankee i was hoping for a little more snow before the winter ends. Hard labor is nothing compared to listening to those lovely ladies OBR. The muskrats are flying directly to Accomack International where we try not to wake Otis the security guard up, especially if there is a new batch of 'shine going around, so i'm safe. Looks like the weather is going to turn on us for the weekend, so spring may be just around the corner BUT the corner is a long way off.

Elaine said...

Hmmmm, is that Blueberry Pomegranite juice fermented, by chance?

Anonymous said...

Morning Elaine, I'm a tough guy and take my BP straight with no fermentation. Not even a water chaser on the side.... :-)

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