Saturday, February 12, 2011

5 Things When Leaving Home

Steve (Out on the Prairie) recently “tagged” me in a quest he was passing on to see what 5 things folks carried when leaving home.

Here’s what usually in the back seat + cargo area of my Jeep: reusable tote bags, bungee cords, assorted supplies  (windshield washer fluid, blanket, first aid kit, etc.), folding chair, backpack.
5 thingsAnd the back seat passenger is always “Purple Bear”  according to the name on his shirt. He always usually has his seat belt strapped.
purple bear collagePurple Bear was a gift from Grenville from a flea market find years ago and he’s always ridden in whatever vehicle I own, and has his own cap too cause “It’s a Jeep thing.”
What 5 things can’t you be without when leaving your house?


Sandra said...

hubby always takes a tool box and jugs of water. other than suitcase of clothes and snacks for the journey nothing else goes. i do have a sweater that resides in the back just in case, even in fl

possum said...

5 things?? 5? Impossible!
Hmmm, 5 things that live in my van… that is hard because there are always more than 5 things… Let’s see, a walker and a couple of canes stay there with the hope that I will not need them. I, too, carry a back pack with emergency stuff – a survival pack, as it were, left over from my days of living overseas where we might be told to evacuate in a minutes notice – grab your pack and get out… Old habits are hard to change, and in today’s world, who knows? There is a pack with car stuff – spotlight, tire pump, tire gauge. Heavy duty gloves, space blanket, multi-wrench, old vinyl tablecloth for a ground cover, bungees. A camping chair, umbrellas, cooler bag, and a small collection of books for waiting times. Oh, a first aid kit… and a head scarf and slippers incase I am with my Muslim friends and we visit a mosque.
I would never make it in a VW bug! LOL! BE PREPARED!

Out on the prairie said...

I often wonder when they load my groceries what they think. A few have asked if I was camping.I have resided in my van while on a few shoots.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Sandra, your hubby sounds like a very practical guy - the jugs of water would be handy in hot summer weather.

Possum, loooks like you are certainly well-prepared for any emergency. But, what about the camera too?

Steve, we load our own groceries so no one is the wiser.

martymom said...

H-m-m-m. Let me see now . . . . . aside from all my medical things (which are many), I carry a camera in the front seat with me, a throw cover, toiletries, a cooler with frozen water (acts as our ice cubes until we need them for drinking & to keep "B"s Pepsi cold), two pillows, a bag with art supplies, art books, book and magazine for "B", clothing satchels, gifts for friends and family, jackets (as our traveling is north to New Jersey and Upstate New York where nights can get chilly or down right cold),cell phones, laptop, dvd player, cd's, flashlight, the gadgets that gives directions to our destinations, plus spare tire, tire jack, window cleaner, paper towels, funnel, and other odds and ends that might be needed incase we break down. Can you think of anything we might have forgotten?

martymom said...

Hi Beatrice, I forgot to tell you that I love Purple Bear. Love, Marty

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Marty, Whew, lots of stuff in your cars, but much needed for both short and longer trips. Thanks for the comment on Purple Bear too - it's getting a bit sun-faded, but always a good travelling companion, and so quiet too!

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