Friday, February 11, 2011

A Chair Seat !


This challenge had just about  everyone stumped at least, except one!

Sandra aka The Mad Snapper gets the bragging rights this time!

YES, it is the seat to a metal chair.

This chair is part of matching pair that are on our back porch. Between the chairs is a table (partially visible in this photo). Grenville and I sit in these on warm days and read, talk or watch the world go by – great pastimes.


The metal on chairs are a bit weathered, so we will need to get new ones for the upcoming season.

Thanks, everyone for having some fun and Congratulations again, Sandra.


Anonymous said...

HEY!!!!! Grenville told me the prize was a spin of the composter.....Or maybe a lick of the FUDGE Tree.....

Pat transplanted to MN said...

I did not see the photo but would have guessed a button board because I have been sorting out more old buttons this week and looking at the display cards found at my aunt's..learned there is a National Button Collectors Society...

Anonymous said...

:-) Good one :-)


Sandra said...

finally i guessed and got it right, i have guessed many many times on other blogs and never ever won. yipeee I won.. I won and it was fun

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Sorry Anonymous, Grenville told you a fib!

Never heard of a button board, Pat. Do you drop the buttons down into something to sort them?

Thanks Christer, sometimes the most interesting things are so close at hand. The snow on this chair was gone within a couple of hours once the sun warmed the porch.

Congrats again, Sandra. Hope you try the next one too, it might be something in red for Hearts Day on Monday.

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