Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Grenville in Recovery

hermit1-800 Hi Folks. Reclusive Hermit here again. All this blogging is really cutting in on my reclusivity. BUT the good news is that Grenville is on the mend. The Hot Fudge Flushes has almost restored him to his old self (if that is a good thing), but has caused him to be a little heavier in a rotund sort of way. Beatrice told me that she took him out to the beach for a walk and some kids tried to use him as a beach ball, and a pilot whale was making eyes at him. So they have put him on the Water and Lettuce diet for at least two weeks (I suggested the two week pre-colonoscopy treatment since he is always so full of it). With luck he will have the energy to soon be back here bloggin’ away (and i can go back to being a recluse).


He is hoping that his spinach will grow a little faster so he can switch off the lettuce now and then. Don’t worry about the lightness of the picture. The soil here is really moist.

But for now let me tell you of a woodland friend of mine.   









He has become known as the elbow tree for obvious reasons. Legend has it that as a young sapling he was on a major baseball teams Forrest  League, which is the minor minor leagues or slightly above High School. His father, a mighty Oak, wanted him to go to Loiusville and become a Slugger but he insisted on pitching. His father grew so angry he enlisted the aid of an evil wood sorrel named Mandrake.  It is told that he was just about to complete his first ‘no-hitter’ when Mandrake cast a spell that froze him in mid pitch AND mid scream.









He has been standing like you see ever since. He does make a good neighbor though. Never any trouble, loud parties, just a few fox squirrels hanging about.

Grenville thanks all of you for your concern, and will be back here soon.


possum said...

Great tree! I love interesting trees like that. And you are right, they make great neighbors as long as they are far enough away when the wind blows REAL hard.

Country Gal said...

Your post was great, made me giggle. Amazing tree. We have a huge Oak tree in the back yard over 100 years old and it has a tumor on it lol well it looks like one, I love photographing old trees they have interesting structure and they tell a story. Glad to hear that Grenville is on the mend! Have a wonderful day !

Daisy said...

Glad to hear Grenville is on the mend. What a neat old tree! Cool pictures. :)

grammie g said...

Hi there sure have had a spell of it haven't you or is that smell of it, anyway Grenville is on the mend and you will be of the hook soon.. "oooops didn't mean to scare you there with that hook thing"
Thats quite the tail of the tree and sad too!!

Elaine said...

A lettuce and water diet sounds quite severe. Sounds like Grenville will be a bit weak for a while. Sorry to say, Reclusive, that you may be forced to post for a bit longer. Besides, I think you are starting to build your own fan base. Great legend about the tree!

Sandra said...

i love all trees, every one of them, but my most favorite is a tree like this one, i like the old ones, the ones that have been through a long life, like that story, love that tree and good on the lettuce. i wonder if lettuce grows ina bucket.

Reclusive Hermit said...

Mornin' folks, RH here (again!!!).
Good thought Possum, unless you live in one and then you take your chances. Glad to make you giggle CG. Thanks Daisy. And Grammie, be nice now or we will ship Grenville to you by Polar Express. Don't worry Elaine. I saw him out in the back field this morning rootin' through the snow for weeds. I'm not sure about a bucket but in the greenhouse there is broccoli, cauliflower, spinach and scallions. For some reason the lettuce never took.

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