Friday, February 18, 2011

Wanted . . . Nikon D90 (Used)

nikon D90 body
A Nikon D90 camera body, used and in good working condition.
And, if anyone out there in the blog worldnikon D80-lens has one equipped with the original “kit” lens,18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 ED let me know.

This is not a new Nikon camera model having been first introduced in the fall of 2008, but apparently it is a very popular one. It’s only a 12.3MP model compared to ones with upwards of 14 and 16MP.

My interest in buying one is that it’s now become a way to get back into digital SLR photography, an area which I virtually abandoned several years ago after selling my Canon digital Rebel (original 6MP model) and later a Pentax digital SLR. Years before that I was into 35mm SLR film cameras, notably Pentax Spotmatic models.

So, why the renewed interest, you may ask (and even if you didn’t)?

If you read yesterday’s post, you know my fondness for thrift stores. I volunteer at a local one and shop at others. Several weeks ago, someone donated a Nikon N6006 film 35mm SLR and 2 AF Nikkor lenses (35-70mm and 70-210mm). Years ago, I wanted to own a 35mm SLR with these focal length lenses, even considered buying a Nikkormat (remember that?) to use them. The person who donated this equipment had taken good care of it. You can just tell that when it came with Tiffen filters on the lenses, front and rear caps, camera body, manual. Everything was packaged in a Tamrac carrying bag and even a new 6V lithium battery were included.

The thrift store put the entire package up for sale. Some interested folks, alas no buyers. Then, I listed it on eBay during their free listings – twice. The price was really low with “lookers”, but no buyers. So, I offered to buy the outfit and my offer was accepted. I didn’t want the camera body (it’s relisted on eBay, really cheap) or the carrying bag (a friend is interested in that).
nikon lenses0211 (2)
Here’s all I wanted – these 2 lenses.
Now that I own them, the search is on for a  digital SLR – Nikon D90 ‘cause I can’t afford a D300 or 700, even used.
Remember, I like to shop at thrift stores.

And, if the used Nikon D90 includes the earlier mentioned “kit” 18-105mm lens, well another lens is always a “good” thing too.

Since many blog readers are either experienced photographers – or perhaps have photographer friends with used equipment, please spread the word that I would like to buy a used (and working) Nikon D90. And, of course, will pay the shipping costs (USPS flat rate priority mail boxes are great).
Just let me know in the comments or (if you prefer) send an email.
Thanks ALL Smile


Montanagirl said...

I have always been a Canon person; however, I did buy a Nikon Coolpix P90 about a year ago. I ended up giving it to my daughter. I've heard good things about the D90, but off hand, I don't know of anyone that has one. I'll put the word out for you, though, and good luck.

Out on the prairie said...

New is always better, if you saw all I have had .I would read reviews more and not think of price right away. There is a adapter lens to make all lens fit also.Newer lens are lighter and easier to use. Perhap someone would want your lens on Ebay.

Lois Evensen said...

We are Canon people, too. Sorry, we can't help.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Mona, thanks for the reply. I knew you were a Canon fan, but appreciate the reply. Thanks.

Steve, you do make good points for buying new and I have done that in the past - many times. If I hadn't just bought the Samsung HZ50 26X point & shoot digital camera at Christmas, then maybe I would consider buying the D90 new right now. As it is, I would prefer to get a used one and "play" around with these lenses which I got at a bargain and which Nikon support verified will work. I called back twice just to get 2 opinions :-) As for swelling the lenses on eBay, been there and tried that and no luck. The camera is listed there now.

Thanks Lois!

Mama-Bug said...

Beatrice go online to B&H and check out their listings of used equipment. Very reliable company. Have bought used lenses from them.

Anonymous said...

I love my Nikon D3000 :-) and I looked for the price on D300, my god they were expensive! I must check if I can use these old lenses on my camera too because now they sell those old cameras real cheap with lots of things with them.

I hope You´ll find a camera soon!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks Mama-Bug, I have heard of their reputation and when we were living in NJ, I vitied their NYC store. You are right on their reliability too as I've heard only good feedback.

Yes, Christer, some Nikon models are very costly, ven if they are several years old. Some people have suggested I just buy new lenses, but I would prefer to try and use the ones I just bought and hopefully find a not-too-used D90, but then I am no big hurry (yet).

Anvilcloud said...

We have somewhat similar photographic histories. That original Digital Rebel is still the camera that I use, and I also had a Pentax Spotmatic (an early one -- SPII). For all I know its still in the house. I also have a film Rebel G (I think) hanging around. My BIL uses a D90.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

AC, it seems we do have similar "likes" in photo equipment was very much the same. I liked the original Canon digital rebel, but sold it when I decided to try the Pentax digital SLRs. Odd thing was that both were 6MP cameras, but the Pentax were significantly lighter. I used Pentax Spotmatics and had an assortment of Takumar lenses - good old days since all have long been sold off.

Stephen Baird said...

beatrice, thanks for your inquiry. but mine are all spoken for already. i have delayed the move because i am actually waiting a bit longer now for the release of the d400 so i can compare it with the d7000 before i decide.
generally speaking, when i sell cameras there is a line of people in my own town who want them. that is because i sell them with the original kit lenses (i never use them at all) as well as with a warranty through me for half the price i paid. i buy them with warranties from the local best buy store and this allows assurance to the buyer that they will have some warranty in case it fails after i sell.
i generally sell them to other guys i know and even teach them more about photography as part of the sale. i spend dozens of hours out with each one of them one on one to help them see how to shoot in a more effective way.
it is because of these things that they get grabbed fast.
i would suggest that there are d90's out there that will sell for the same as half price (or less) that have had WAY LESS use than the ones i sell. i think it is a great choice in cameras. most people hardly use their cameras so i guess i think you are on the right path in your hunt for a camera. sorry i can't deliver. God bless.
nikonsniper steve

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Steve,many thanks for your reply and I completely understand and it sure makes me wish I lived in your town!. The town we're living in is very smapp in terms of pop. (500) so there's not a Best Buy close at hand or anyone selling used photo equipment. I will continue to check used listingson ebay and may actually decide to buy the camera new and possibly with the 18-105 "kit" lens. Thanks again.

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