Saturday, February 5, 2011

Update on Grenville’s Condition

hermit1-800 Hi Folks. Reclusive Hermit here for poor Grenville. As you know he over blogged the other day and was whisked away for emergency treatment. After determining that he was suffering from a serious cranial  blockage he was transporCreameryted to a very private facility on the exotic Island of Chincoteague for treatment. Once at the world famous Island Creamery he underwent another cranioscopy and they found that the blockage had  grown. He was immediately placed on a Hot Fudge Oral Flush.
Late this afternoon Beatrice called and said that the100_0328 treatment seemed to be working. The Chief Creamer felt that he could leave the Creamery but should remain on the Island since they feel that he would probably have to undergo another round of Hot Fudge Flushing.
Beatrice reports that they are comfortably situated at the Best Western overlooking Assateague Channel and Mc Barfy’s
best-western-banner 100_0332
Beatr100_0308ice also reported that she has qualified for her Golden Eagle Pass which will allow her to get into any Federal Wildlife Refuge or Park for life. Here is Park Ranger Aubrey Hall presenting Beatrice her new Golden Eagle Pass.
Beatrice also says that Grenville wants to thank everyone for their well wishes. He is thinking of spending time with each of you while he recuperates.


grammie g said...

Hiya Reclusive ....I glad that the treatment is working and things are look up...but not up to Maine !!
Sorry I can't help you out with that recuperation thing, I going on vacation and don't know when I'm coming back!! hhahaha!!
Beatrice I am real happy you have qualified for you Golden Eagel Pass...but so sorry you have to put up with Grenville!! : }}}

Desiree said...

I am behind with checking in on my favourite bloggers and, as Grenville is right at the very bottom of my list of those I most wish to follow (sorry, Grenville, but you did it to yourself!), I'm only catching up now on all the posts I've missed.

I'm not at all surprised Grenville has managed to get himself laid-up with a headache. Blogging can do this to you! I know for a fact that chocolate works wonders, as I self-prescribe all the time. Glad to hear he's on the mend.

Beatrice, I do hope he has been a considerate patient and sharing his 'meds' with you??? That's surely one of the perks of visiting convalescents, getting to tuck into all the nice goodies other visitors have brought? Why else would you go to the trouble of's just boring, otherwise!

Elaine said...

Glad to hear the hot fudge is working so well! We have just the thing for Grenville's recuperation here in Fairbanks. Just a short jaunt out of town there is an ice hotel where he can get a real cool bed. Well, of course it's cool because it's made out of ice. How many days would he want his reservations for? Most folks find that one night is sufficient, but Grenville might need more intense treatment.

Anonymous said...

But I think he should take that extra oral hot fudge flushing just to be sure :-) :-)


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Desiree, Yes Grenville did share and even bought me a hot fudge Sundae...just to be sure i wouldn't catch his condition. And yes he has been a good "patient."

Daisy said...

Oh dear, poor Grenville. Although, if it were me, I might feign having cranial blockage if I knew the treatment for this condition was going to be hot fudge!! ;)

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