Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Recovering Slowly

This is the most special time of the year for me. The holidays seem to always bring out the grace in most folks. And then there is all the food!!!!!! As you know we went to the Atlanta area to celebrate with Beatrice’s Cousin Kathie and my high school buddy ‘The Old Bike Rider”, and a whole bunch of friends we met last year, and some new friends we hadn’t met yet.

The bacchanalia of gastronomical delights was as great as always. food food (2)This was just a sampling of the feast.

Besides the traditional Turkey and Ham, Sweet Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, stuffing, and corn pudding, there were special vegetarian dishes and even some gluten free dishes.

dinner BUT like many things in life, it came with a price. I was put to work as the official “Carver of the Bird” since the regular carver was not able to come. This year dinner was for just 20. And as

empty dishes (2)empty dishes (3)

always no one left hungry. What makes this celebration special is the diversity of folks backgrounds, beliefs, occupations, all giving thanks and having dinner together and enjoying each others company. For some, like us, seeing these folks is a once a year treat, but feels like we were just together yesterday.

BUT the fun doesn’t stop there!!!! Friday evening is a repeat of the Great Feast, sometimes with added goodies and then ‘Game Night’. This year was Mahjong. Most of us didn’t know how to play but two of our group were excellent teachers as well as players. After getting the hang of it I actually won the last game.

AND YET another feast was had on Saturday night. Cousin Kathie made her mother and grand mother’s famous Spanish Chicken and Rice which lived up to it’s reputation.

Needless to say i have been avoiding the scale and will continue till maybe next week, but then again, maybe I’ll wait till January. (Think i hear some eggnog and cookies calling me!!!!!!)


Lois Evensen said...

Ah, yes, the FOOD! It appears you had a fabulous tour of Southern Cooking as well as of the Atlanta area. :) Wonderful! It's so nice to see others enjoying the holidays as much as we are.


Out on the prairie said...

sounds like a spectacular meal. I like how you described the assortment of peoples and ideas. I play mahjong online some.I used to have in on one of my computers past.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kids,
Yes it was a memorable trip. THis has us all psyced for the rest of the holiday season.
Grandson Bday, Mom-out-law for Cmas, Rhode Island for New Years.

The Gingerbread House said...

I tried to do a close up of all that good looking food to make me salavate just a little more :o) , but it did't take :o( oh well, you can gain pounds just by looking :o)..I'm glad you and hubby had such a good time, makes the Holiday more of a treasure. Ginny

Anonymous said...

I take no credit for the pictures Gingerbread. They are all thanks to Beatrice and her photo talents.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks Grenville, you are a sweetie!

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