Monday, December 27, 2010

Clear Skies (Finally)

The snow ended early sometime during the overnight hourspenguins in snow (3) on Monday. Grenville got up early today – all excited to go out and “play” in the snow with his buddy, John (Deere).

He also beat me in posting the first day-after storm photos. The penguins in the front yard were snowed in and the frog were buried someplace.

Here’s a few scenes from the back yard.
yard collagePine trees and other plants displayed beautifully against a clear deep blue sky.
colors collagepines in snow1227 (6)
house in snow1210 (12)The Frog and PenguINN wearing holiday and winter colors.


Montanagirl said...

Great work on all the wintry photos! Love it.

Anonymous said...

Beatrice, thanks for stopping by my blog and leading me to yours. Beautiful pictures...enjoy the snow while it lasts.

Anvilcloud said...

It was quite the event.

Anonymous said...

I think You have a really beautiful house!

Have a great day now!

OldBikeRider said...

Really nice collection of photos, as usual. I am glad that Granville is still excited about getting out in the white stuff! I am staying home today and building some shop stuff, chisel sharpening jigs for lathe tools and maybe running some ethernet cable to the living room. All 'out of the snow' activities.

Out on the prairie said...

There is some beauty in this stuff, but when you aren't used to it, it can be defeating.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ron, I like 'playing in the snow' cause i know i don't have to if i don't want to. Makes all the difference in the world. :-)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks Mona.

Hi Andie (deodate) welcome and thanks for the visit and the compliment. The snow is still here!

Yes it was (and still is) AC - can we send some your way?

Christer, we like our house as well - thanks! And, your holiday greeting arrived today - lovely photo - thanks!

Thanks Ron for the visit - Grenville has been having way too much fun in the snow with John D.

Steve, being NJ natives we are somewhat used to even more snow than this; however, in our former locations the roads were at least plowed which is not the case here, especially on back roads.

Anonymous said...

HEY!!!!! Who stole the Maple tree in front of the house?????

Elaine said...

Nice winter photos! I especially like the buried penguins. They look very much at home in it, and have probably been a little homesick for the white stuff.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Elaine, the penguins looked a bit chiled beneath all that snow, but this weekend it will get into the 50s so they will thaw out a bit.

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