Sunday, December 26, 2010

More Snow Scenes

Yes, there are lots of wintry scenes here today, and this means we can take some photos for next year’s Christmas cards. As you can tell from the many posts that Grenville and I have done, it’s mainly been an inside day; that definitely won’t be true on Monday morning.

Here are scenes from the snowfall – taken from inside earlier today (before the storm worsened).
snow collage2
And more scenes . . .
snow collage3Anyone have an extra shovel?


grammie g said...

Beatrice...the flamingo photo's is a winner!! lol
PS...Love your front porch!

Anvilcloud said...

It's colder here, but you guys are getting much more snow. We really haven't had very much although it still stays on the ground. Great pics here and the birds below.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks Grammie G. The flamingo is one of two who stand watch over the wildflower gardens. But in the summer when all the flowers qare in bloom they are hardly visible. And we too like our front porch especially sitting in the rockers on a nice day - maybe by spring!

AC, it's cold here too now that the snowstorm has passed. All the melting slush will be freezing over by tonight, but then re-melting again once the sun hits it, so it will be a continual cycle till it's all gone. We're leaving Wed for another road trip to visit family in New England and PA and so we will be heading into yet more snow! Glads you enjoyed the photos and the birds ones as well!

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