Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mid Holiday Dramas

WELL folks here we are in New Jersey hanging out at the Fullerton Jeep Dealership. Why you ask????? That cute little engine light, you know the pretty yellow one, came on last night. 

So here we are waiting for the diagnosis. But there is a bright side to all of this. My Jeep was slightly overdue for an oil change and basic Jeep checkup, so that is being taken care of. AND Beatrice found a coupon on line for a discount tire rotation here so that is in the works (they are even checking we have enough winter air). Only little catch was that the coupon had to be printed out and “presented at the time of service”. Being on the road we have no printer and the Days Inn we stay at has discontinued their lobby computer. BUT our new friend Erin Moran(the nice service girl) said she would take care of this. So here we sit.

‘Sooooo how has the trip been so far????? Many of you know that Beatrice’s mother was with us over Christmas. 10 days of with us. 10 days of critical analysis of our lives, food, dinner time, caring about others and taking care of them. If you remember the old saying “Fish and relative begin to smell after three days” all you need to do is subtract 2 of those days and you may begin see how we feel right now. Now don’t get me wrong, she tries to be a nice kind person. BUT this is someone who seems to have never had a happy day in her entire life and is going to see that no one else does either, starting with you. Remember in the play Annie that wonderful character Ms. Hanagan????? “Did i hear happiness here??????”. I feel sorry for all that she is missing that makes life so great. But i am an official “Pollyanna Member”.

The roads at home were getting better but parking lots are a horror. On the way out of town we had to stop at CVS. As we were leaving the lot we started to slid on the inch thick ice (that had not been plowed just compressed by tires). Coming the other direction some yahoo was doing about 30 when he hits the ice. 

The next scene is better pictured in slow motion with ‘the Blue Danube’ playing in the background. We are sliding towards him, my foot on the brake, the ABS brakes pulsating away. He hits the ice and starts sliding towards us. Terror fills his eyes along with total amazement that this is happening (he is in an SUV and probably in 4 wheel drive which make him bullet proof). I mutter (well grumble sort of loud) that he is an anatomical part of the body that doesn’t often see sunlight. The MOL in the rear seat begins criticizing my driving and use of language. I shout “QUIET”. About one second before impact we come to a halt while he slides past us. As i turn quickly to the back seat (pulling the sore muscle in my neck) i state that there will be no talking for the rest of the trip, to which I get a giggle. So to reinforce my feelings i make the suggestion that she could always “walk home”.  I guess now that that was a poor choice of words. Hindsight is so 20/20. The next 7 hours were spent in almost total silence, caused by a serious pout from the rear seat.

On the plus side, the roads were fine all the way to NJ. Some delays due to volume on the Turnpike (can you believe that in NJ????).  The Princess and i spent the ride singing to the Sinatra channel on Sirius, dranking coffee and eating Dunkin’ doughnuts, and for the most part, had an OK ride if you like 7 hours in a car.

Now after the drop off (the rumors that i just slowed down while Beatrice pushed her out the door are greatly exaggerated) my aching neck was soothed with a Prime Rib at Outback, a hot shower, some Tylenol and arthritis rub, but mostly a good nights sleep.
Which brings us to now as we sit waiting like expectant parents in the Jeep dealers waiting room for the diagnosis. Sorry there are no great pictures today, most were deleted to protect the downtrodden and overly criticized. Later we will visit old friends of Beatrice, and tomorrow will head to Rhode Island to spend New Years with Daughter#1, Son-in-law, and THE KID!!!!!

Grenville (in dealership suspense).
Jeep update>>>>>> Thanks to the folks at Fullerton and especially Ms. Erin Moran, our oil got changed, tires got rotated, bulbs got changed, and the problem with the ‘cam position sensor’ and the ‘crank position sensor’ was solved with replacing and some sensor sensitivity training. All i know is the sensor stuff was covered under warranty and the final bill was less than we expected.

Next was a delicious dinner with friends and great conversation.

Tomorrow we are off to Rhode Island with a lunch stop at IKEA in New Haven (where else). And now to dream land.


Jim Bower said...

I would comment except my mother-in-law is visiting right now. Sympathy...

Montanagirl said...

You are tooo funny. My mother-in-law passed away in 1987, the year hubby and I got married. She was a terrific lady, and we got along well.

Elaine said...

This is one of those stories that is much funnier in the telling than in the living! But, say your prayers of thankfullness. Imagine, if you will, that your MIL was still with you while you were at the Jeep dealership!

As for your near-fender-bender, there are always a few idiots that don't understand the whole concept of driving on icy roads. As the lovely Blue Danube plays in the background, I will leave you with some Far North words of wisdom for your yahoo friend concerning driving on icy roads: Remember, the brakes are not your friend.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Your post made me smile and I am glad thay you are ok with the near fender bender! Living in West Texas and with hardly any is crazy when folks get out on slippery roads here! Have yourself a wonderful New Year. blessings,Kathleen

grammie g said...

Hi there Grenville...I assume that your mother-in-law doesn't follow your blog!! Hahaha!!!

Out on the prairie said...

My grandmother became more bitter through the years, but part is being the last alive of your generation of family and friends. Her famous quote which when I heard it, hated it, has some good to it." If you had a wart on your nose, and had it taken off, you would still miss it."I miss her, and now my family is my two kids and myself.Always take it with a smile that perhaps you can stay away from this in your life and enrich others.I hope not much is wrong with the car, my mechanic sends me a birthday card.I only fix things with a hammer, it is not the way to deal with cars.

Theotherjew said...

She was so bad that even the cam position sensor got bent out of shape! And I don't understand that 'rotating tires' thing, my tires are always rotating.

Happy New Year, let's see some grand-kid pictures.

Anonymous said...

:-) :-) My mother is much the same :-) :-) It doesn´t take long until I start to wonder if it wouldn´t be best if I just pushed her down some stairs, a couple of times if needed :-) :-)

I´m glad that it was nothing worse with Your car.

Have a great day now!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Years Eve friends. Sorry (i think) to hear your MIL is with you Jim. You could always send her to Chincoteague. Your right Mona, family getting along is important.Elaine, if i didn't laugh about these things i could possibly lose my ranking as a pacifist. She doesn't even know how to turn her cell phone on so i'm safe Grammie. I'll have to remember the wart comment Steve. I'm sure i can use it someday. Yep Ron, the cam sensor got bent thanks to the crank in the rear seat :-). It was the air in the tires that got rotated and upgraded to Yankee Winter Air. Keeps you from skiding. Christer my sides are sore from laughing. How many stairways do you have in your cottage? We only have one and she complains about them.
Final on the Jeep. It ran fine all the way to Rhode Island, so all is well that is covered under warranty. Thanks to all for the good thoughts. Must be a Mass Karma thing.

Anonymous said...

Two. One from the top floor and one down to the cellar :-)

Anonymous said...

So Christer, does that mean you get two chances, No Waiting!!!!!
Oh that was so bad!!!!