Sunday, December 26, 2010

6 PM Totals

BOY OH BOY!!!!!!! This is really fun. The 6pm total was 14 inches. AND it is still snowing. But the snow is starting to get a little wetter and heavier. John Dee100_0042re was having a little trouble this time out. Of course if i had let him warm up a little more he would have run better.





100_0049 100_0051





More in the morning as the ‘Great Christmas Blizzard of 2010’  continues!!!!


grammie g said... better get John really warmed up because I'm going to need a plowing and your panic reports have me scared to death....and I'm a Mainer!!

edifice rex said...

Wow!! Hope ya'll are all snug and warm tonight! Glad to see that ya'll had such a great Christmas and I loved all the bird photos; they were really nice.

Elaine said...

Come on, admit it--you've had a great time plowing with your Deere!

Anonymous said...

I see I´ve missed a lot!
Beautiful bird photos as always! But what a blizzard You are having! We´ve had snowfall all the time here but more of the fluffy kind of snow and not that much at the same time. I guess the Polish weather men that predicted the coldest winter in thousand years were right.

I finally remembered the name of my favorite Christmas song, it is Fairy tale of New York!

Have a great continuing of Yule!

Anonymous said...

Hi Folks,
Grammie, how could i possible scare a Mainer with a few snow reports???? Down here they started panicing last week. We just sat back and enjoyed it. Yes Annie we are staying snug eve when we go out to play in the snow. Your right Elaine. THey call me the 'crazy damn Jersey Yankee' down here and for good reason when it snows. At least the temps are tolerable here. I wish we would get just a little snow at a time here Christer, but not this time. Final amount was 15 inches, a lot for us.

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