Saturday, December 4, 2010

Flying Carpets

Not actually, some rugs in in The Frog & PenguINN were more like sliding carpets and they were really getting ready to take someone for a ride – and we would rather not become airborne in our home.

The solution? – STOPP ikea rug pad (1)

From where?  Our favorite blue and yellow store – IKEA.

IKEANC collage

As Grenville mentioned in an earlier post, we always brake for IKEA and this stop was in Charlotte, NC as we headed to Georgia for Thanksgiving.

Usually, the product names on IKEA merchandise are a challenge, but there was no confusion here. The package picture and the name were right on target and this stuff really stops a rug from moving. Tikea rug pad (3)here’s a lot of STOPP in one package too. The only tool needed is a scissor – one with a long blade makes the cutting go faster. A ruler isn’t really needed, just line it up with the rug and then cut. Afterwards, Grenville told about leaving a 2-inch margin around the edge; there’s a few more rugs to do – maybe he will volunteer.

ikea rug pad (2)ikea rug pad (4)

Now that the hallway runners are stationary again, we’ll have to wait for some winter weather to go slipping and sliding.


Out on the prairie said...

As kids we had a favorite ski rug made from woolen scraps by my grandmother. The banging into the walls and laughter always gave us away.

Anvilcloud said...

I see. Good idea.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Steve, what a great memory. Our rugs would have been crashing into the hallway walls if we didn't apply this backing - OK for us, but not so good for my mom (88) who will be visiting over the holidays.

AC, this solution was less costly than replacing the area rugs.

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