Thursday, December 16, 2010

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas…

Well sort of. We got snow this morning and it was beautiful even if it was just 2 inches. But here on the Eastern Shore folks handle snow a little differently than others. First they start announcing closings the day before the storm. These closings continue through the day of the storm and for at least a day after the storm. Since today is Thursday i figure this will turn into a long weekend for all. Of course this causes a first day run on the grocery stores (all 2 that we have. Sorry i don’t count Wally-Mart as one). The first things to disappear here are the shelves of canned greens, grits, and pork products of all sorts. 

Next is the beer, wine and chips (pork rinds especially). Then the bread and milk.
VaDOT stands ready but due to the few times we get snow, and a slight shortage in funds for the Shore we have very little salt solution, but a lot of sand. This causerte 13 (1)s the roads to be a little slippery at first. Eventually everyone get used to the slipping and sliding after a few dozen cars slip into the ditches. By now (7PM) most everyone has made it home and hopefully is enjoying this wonderful winter wonderland. 

Above is our main highway, Route 13 (good luck) around noon before VDOT got some sand down. They figure there’s always a chance that the sun will come out and melt it all. Onley stn (2)
The train station we are restoring even looked good with a coat of white and decorated for Christmas. Santa stopped by Dec. 4 for a visit. You can see more at or our website

As i was driving Beatrice was snapping away and got all these great shots when she wasn’t gouging her fingers into the dashboard and P1040822
desperately stomping on the fake brake pedal on her side.

This is Main St. coming into town.
Now whether the snow will last till Christmas is debatable, but the National Weather Service says we are getting more snow on Sunday (we will be driving back from New Jersey with Beatrice’s mom) so stay tuned!!!!!!


Naturedigital said...

I dont think you have to dream it anymore.

Anonymous said...

We are more used to snow in winter, but it doesn´t mean that people knows how to drive anyway :-) :-)

Until last winter I had never heard a school closing down because of snow, but now days they refuse to drive the school busses if the weather is to bad.

Have a great day now!

Anonymous said...

We may get another shot at the 'Snow Dream' Sunday when we will be driving back down from New Jersey. When i went to school Christer we didn't have school busses. If you lived more than 2 miles from the school you could buy a discount pass on public transportation. I lived 1.6 miles from Jr HS and 1.9 miles from High School so i walked in any weather short of a blizzard or hurricane. Kids are whimps today :-)

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