Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gas Nearly Any Which Way

Here’s a view on getting gas of two types — fuel and indigestion.

927 gas price2It’s been awhile since I posted a gas price photo update, but prices have steadily been coming down on the fuel you put in your car. We’ve been watching a steady downward progression after $3.79 being the steady price for what seemed like months. This photo shows the average going rate here on the VA eastern shore as of earlier this week.

How are prices doing by you?

The other type of gas is also from fuel – but can be from food at places like the one below. I’m not saying this is certain – just  basing on past personal experiences. Grenville and I used to regularly go to a local fast food chain (Hardee’s) for their bacon cheddar burgers. But the after-effects were not always desirable, so we stopped cold turkey over 2 years ago and have not been to a similar chair (Burger Kind, McDonald’s) in going on 3 years.

926 McD update (1)In late June, the one (and only) McDonald’s, in this area was completely demolished. Construction has been moving along quickly, and as of this week, 3 months later, its replacement is nearly complete. Landscaping was being done the day this photo was taken across the roadway.

There’s sure to be a grand opening, which may take place while we’re away on our upcoming road trip – SHUCKS we’ll just have to miss that date (thankfully).


Snapper II said...

We are seeing similar prices at the pumps where we buy gas. Some stations still have higher prices.

I'll take my burger all the way hold the gas.

As for the other gas. There is no shortage on that. I don't know if you are aware, A McDonalds here near us is where a lady traveler died in the bathroom as a result of
a co2 leak. another woman was hospitalized and also 3 firemen rescuers were taken to hospital and released. This occurred in Pooler Georgia near Savannah.

Anonymous said...

Petrolprices has stayed high here for a long time now. It shouldn´t really since the Swedish Krona is valued so high now towards the US dollars. But our prices are still twice Yours :-)

I can´t remember when I went to a fast food place last time, so it must have been over a year now.

Have a great day!

Anvilcloud said...

Life is a gas.

Picturit said...

We pay $2.11 in your money PER LITRE I presume you are paying $3.29 per Gallon am I correct?

Country Gal said...

Our gas prices are a lot lower then yours but still to high for our liking as for fast food places we dont eat at them we prefer home made Ma & Pa country resturants ! Have a good day !

Sandra said...

not sure what they are, been 2 weeks since we filled up and it was 3.59 2 weeks ago, i don't pass any gas pumps where i go, so have not seen any. Mickey D is not a place we like

Don't unplug your hub said...

It's not fair! Our fuel prices never go down.
I like Burger King. In moderation of course.

Daisy said...

The gas prices here have been slowly coming down too.

Your McDonald's story reminds me that they just tore down the Taco Bell in our town, so that they can build a new one on the exact same spot. I don't understand why they do that. As far as I could tell the old building was still in fine shape. Makes no sense to me.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Snapper II, thanks for the comments and no I hadn't heard the story about the McDonald's in Pooler, GA wich is just another reason we shouldn't go to them - could be dangerous to one's health in more ways than one!

Christer, sorry to learn your gas prices are still so high - wish we could send some to you :-)

AC, well put & couldn't agree MORE.

Yes Picturit, the prices were per gallon.

Elaine, although our are slowly going down, we of course would like them to go even lower.

Sandra, we have found that no matter where we fill up when travelling, we usually see the next station a few cents cheaper and sometimes it works the other way too.

John, you are so right - totally UNFAIR and we used to favor Burger King over McD's when we did eat at those places.

Daisy, sure makes you wonder why a perfectly good building is replaced with another - most likely to super-size. This local one will definitely be larger.

Cicero Sings said...

The equivalent of $4.88/U.S. gallon here ... and we export gas to you. Go figure!

I can't take restaurant food well let alone fast food places. Haven't eaten at McDonald's since I was in my early 20s.

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