Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cranes on Holiday?

Cranes are something that NJ has a lot of these days – especially on the New Jersey Turnpike which is in a construction phase, called the Widening Program. This project will widen the turnpike to 12 lanes between Interchange 6 in Mansfield Township, Burlington County and Interchange 9 in East Brunswick Township, Middlesex County. Construction started in 2009 with completion set for late 2014.
cranes NJ turnpike
These are very large cranes and it’s difficult to get a good shot from a car moving at 65 mph.cranes NJ turnpike (3)There’s wasn’t much construction in evidence last Friday afternoon as we passed the construction sites.turnpike cranes collage2
Perhaps, workers had an early quitting day for the Labor Day weekend. We didn’t take this roadway on our way back to VA, so there are no photos of work in progress.

If you want to see more large cranes, drop in to Artic View where blogger friend, Elaine, has been posting photos of Sandhill Cranes.


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Wow..yes..interesting. Those are fantastic pictures..
Yes, I guess it would be difficult to get shots at 60miles an hour! You did good!
Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I always love to see your little name ...makes me smile! :)

Elaine said...

Quite a big flock of cranes you saw too! Wow, five years to complete the Widening Program! Amazing how often you can drive by a project like this and see no work going on. No wonder it takes so long. I am so glad we don't have to deal with big city traffic too often. Yes, I think we will be avoiding New Jersey. One of our options was to fly into Newark because we are using mileage and Alaska Airlines flies into Newark. It worked out better to switch to a partner airline in Chicago and fly into Philly. It would appear we made a good choice.

Thanks for the link to my blog. Sandhill Cranes are much more interesting to watch than construction cranes, although I think most if not all of the Sandhills have already left on their trip south......

Montanagirl said...

Yes - they are quite a bit larger than the Cranes I've seen lately. LOL

Out on the prairie said...

I am up in N central NE, I describe it in the middle of nowhere. I am going to a small town to get some kolaches to have with coffee and here is a construction crew.I laughed having to wait until the flag girl waved us through. She said it would have been quicker on the return if I shared my pastry.LOL The Sandhills come out here and in Grand Island in March they have a huge viewing, they are so thick they look like the corn that used to be in the fields they are in.

Anvilcloud said...

Now your comment makes perfect sense.

Anonymous said...

Will they stay during winter or go further south do You think :-) :-) :-)

No such cranes in this area only the flying ones :-)

Have a great day!

Sandra said...

so happy i am NOT on that road. lots of things to watch while in traffic.

Denise said...

Nice shots of all those cranes. We have quite a few down here too, always building new office/apartment complexes or extending the metro line.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Mona, thanks and yes at 60 mph the zoom gets sorta shaky.

Elaine, good move on avoiding NJ. We thought it was amazing too not to see any work being done, but then it was late on a Friday and the start of the last summer holiday weekend. Your welcome for the link; thanks for the real crane photos.

Mona, these really are x-large cranes, but yours look nicer.

Steve, been checking your blog posts and it seems you are far removed from sights like this. Are kolaches similar to a donut to have with your coffee? No sandhill cranes here - ever.

AC, ahhh glad you got it!

Christer, these cranes stay through all seasons and for nearly 5 years!

Sandra, driving any NJ highway is hazardous these days, maybe elsewhere too.

Denise, no such high rise construction here on the VA eastern shore. Currently, our tallest structure is the hospital - at 6 floors.

Snapper II said...

These are the skeletons of progress.

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