Saturday, September 24, 2011

Days That Make You SCREAM

That’s the day I had today.

It’s been raining for several days here on the VA eastern shore, which means that when it finally stops sometime late Sunday – the weeds will have overrun the lawn. But that’s not WHY it’s been a lousy day.

Grenville is away at a Master Naturalist seminar for the weekend and while he is missed very much by me, that’s NOT what made this a Scream-Out-Loud day.

It’s because of eBay – specifically an auction winner who hasn’t paid for an item – or made any attempt to do so. IF it was a small item, then a few days delay (maybe) wouldn’t be such a problem. BUT, this item is a 19-Ft Deck Boat posted online before we left for our NC road trip. Details found in this earlier post.

WOW – we had lots of activity – more than I’ve ever had for a listing withleft side deck boat (3) nearly 600 views and then over 15 “watchers.” To get some anyone in a buying mood,  Grenville lowered the starting bid. then EUREKA a bid was placed and that’s all we needed to be happy, even though a bidding “war” would have been nice. But 1 bid is really all that was needed.

Did I mention we REALLY want to sell this boat?

Grenville has been trying to sell the deck boat locally this summer. Ever since his back started acting up, he realized that it’s too much for him to handle. And, there were lots several guys who came to see it and “kick the tires” as Grenville patiently (and often) explained its features, why he’s selling, servicing done last summer. Several guys said “I have to check with the wife and will get back to you.” Translate to “not interested, but afraid to say that” cause you know that IF a guy really wants to buy a boat – or anything else – he’s just gonna do it – no asking the missus “if it’s OK.”

Just ask Grenville how he bought the boat.

rearD914 (1)We delayed leaving on our recent NC trip because a guy called the night before and wanted to come and see it before we left. Grenville gave him a 20-minute tour, etc. and told me the guy was interested, but was going to have breakfast and – can you guess – “talk to his wife” BUT he assured Grenville that he would call “one way or the other.”  But, he didn’t leave a number (handily) and Grenville forgot to ask for it.

But I digress, when we got the news that the boat had SOLD on eBay we were really happy, me especially cause Grenville was doubtful after the previous encounters. Me too, cause I’ve sold stuff, bought as well, but it was always something I could package in a box, like cameras or books.  Sort of hand to do that with a boat – and heavier too.

So, the deal ends and per listing terms, a $500 deposit is required within 48 hours with local pick-up at our VA home.

Sounds straightforward – right? Buyer gets an invoice requesting deposit payment. After all, we had already answered several questions before the auction end from this buyer so figured he was “good to go” the distance in completing the deal.

A separate email informed said buyer that we were leaving Oct 3 for an extended trip (more on this later). He send an email: “I am having a terrible time getting a shipper that can pick it up before the 3rd. “

Then starts a series of emails requesting payment which bring this buyer email on 9/22, 36 hrs after auction ended: “I think I have a guy that cam get it in time.”

What doesn’t come?  -- $$ for the deposit.

eBay lets you do a look-up on a buyer to get location and phone number once a sale has been made, so I decide to do that.

Wonder WHY he’s having a “tough” time?
He’s in Alberta, Canada

Now I am really steamed cause the auction stated U.S. only and I manage to get a phone call to eBay to ask HOW was this person able to bid? I was told that sometimes buyers use a different (as in U.S.) shipping address. So why does this happen if eBay knows about it to tell me?

Another email to the buyer is sent, asking his location, which I already know from info that eBay provided. AGAIN  the deposit is asked for as a sign of good faith, which he obviously has NONE of in my opinion. Purpose was to keep the lines open to work this out.  What I really wanted to do was scream in a flaming email cause . . .

Did I mention we REALLY want to sell this boat?

Then, since we wanted to know – another email is sent asking IF he intends to complete this transaction. The reply: “I do and I think I have a guy lined up. I will get you the deposit today.“

Famous LAST words in that email which came Friday, 9/23, around noon. Checked before midnight and still NO deposit.

Yet another email sent this morning (Sat, 9/24) asking “what was happening”  actually wanted to say things a lot stronger, but  . . .

Did I mention we REALLY want to sell this boat?

No reply emails today, so a last email sent late today asked for a status update – on anything – deposit, pick-up, decision.

Did I mention we REALLY want to sell this boat?

Finally, an hour ago, I filed a non-paying bid with the eBay resolution Center cause we have already been charged for the listing and final sale fees, despite getting NO $$$. Supposedly, eBay contacts the buyer to try and resolve the issue and maybe get some action? Well, one can hope.

What we really want to do is cancel and start over and maybe get someone who WOULD send the deposit and PICK-UP the boat. But there’s only a week before we leave. Maybe we will list it while on the road and go for a really long listing time.

Did I mention we’re going on another road trip?

Anyway, it’s late tonight  and time for bed. Thanks for taking the time to read this rant. I feel better, already. Of course, not as good as if the boat deal had gone through.

Anyone want to buy a 19-ft Deck Boat?

Maybe fellow blogger Anvil Cloud, who also lives in Canada could help our recalcitrant buyer come and do the pick-up?

Maybe NOT.

Some Better GREAT news . . .

Grenville comes home late Sunday afternoon, and

The new stove arrived this week and cooks wonderfully.

More on those two items and the upcoming road trip – NOT back to NC, but may involve seeing some trains as well.

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Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

I had many a transaction on Ebay like that and it was not worth it in the end. I know your frustrations! I hear ya'. I hope you get the FVF back soon. wait till you come back to list. Have you tried the local paper?

Best of luck.

grammie g said...

HI B..I have to get to bed, but I had to read your rant....nothing like a good run around story before going to bed lol !
I do hope you feel somewhat better and can get that boat of your hands!!
Yes you did mention you really want to sell that boat!!

Yuck weather here to rainy, muggy, temp's tomorrow up to eighties!!


Anonymous said...

I do understand why You want to scream!

Sometimes I wonder if they do like this on purpose or why they never checked on how to get a boat in that size to their home.

But perhaps this guy actually asked his wife and she said no :-):-)

Have a great day!

Elaine said...

I don't blame you for being frustrated. Hopefully eBay will resolve the issue for you.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Good Morning - Tammy, Grace, Christer & Elaine and thanks for the comments. I am feeling better today after all that ranting late last night.

Yes, Tammy, we did list in 2 local weeklies and that drew out all those guys who had to "check with their wives" so we figured that eBay would give a broader base, which it did. Unfortunately we had a dude buyer who could not play by the rules :-(

Sorry Grace to have kept you up later than your bed time. Weather is same here - muggy, rainy with MORE to come. We may never cut the grass (weeds) until the end of the coming week.

Hi Christer, good point - maybe that's what happened!

Thanks Elaine, we hope so too but figure it's a lost cause with this guy.

Sandra said...

your day certainly qualifies for a screamer day. hope they get it straight for you. be glad you are not in FL, it is impossible to sell a boat with gas the price it is. every street has a boat in the yard with a for sale sign on it. we had many tire kickers, and i say MANY, hubby did not want to sell the boat, even though it had not been in the water for 5 years. we finally sold it because the city came around and said we had 30 days to move it out of our driveway. we put bring all offers and the first one that did i made hubby take it. we practically gave it away. but it is gone

Out on the prairie said...

It is a nice boat, never had anyone back out.

Lynette said...

Gosh, what a mess it can be dealing with our fellow humans. At least the stove arrived and works very well!

Thanks for stopping by from Mr. Lincoln's blog. It's exciting when someone new takes the time to read bits and pieces of it. I started Mama and Me from PDX when we moved so that I could keep in contact with all sorts of folks back home. Turns out that writing it and sharing my love of Portland kept me from feeling bad homesick.

I still work in an office, but before I left Mississippi I was a middle school librarian, and I worked part time writing, photographing, copy editing and proofing for an alternative weekly newspaper in Jackson. I thoroughly enjoyed doing that, let me tell you; I too am rarely at a loss for words.

I appreciate your kind words about my Mama--I know that I will miss her every single day for the rest of my life.

Please accept my best wishes for your road trip. I'm going on one myself, through your older posts!

Daisy said...

Oh Beatrice, I'm so sorry to hear you are having this trouble. I've had a few deals go sour on ebay too. It's quite a frustration. I haven't used ebay for a while because I've become wary of being able to trust people on there. I hope you can get it all worked out.

Country Mouse Studio said...

I don't know why it happens, maybe it's buyers remorse, Love your penguins

Anvilcloud said...

D@mn Canadians.

Lois Evensen said...

What a bummer about the boat sale. :(((( Sorry about that.

I really like the Etsy store (yes, I know, it's not an auction like Ebay) because money talks (and must be paid) before the items disappears from the store.

I have enjoyed your train posts via short clips in blogger!!!! We are finally in a US port where I can log in, read your blog, and leave a comment. :))

possum said...

Soooooooooo sorry. I know how happy he was to say it had been sold... then this. I don't know why people do things like this, but then there is so much I don't understand about things people do.

Well, good luck!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hey Sandra, thanks for sharing your boat story. Just wondering WHY the city would make you remove a boat from your own driveway, but then it did get hubby to accept an offer (with YOUR help) and as you said it is GONE. Wish we could say the same sometime soon (sign).

Thanks Steve, I've had some close calls with folks I thought would back out because of slow payment, but a couple of "reminders" pushed them along. This guy however makes written statements of following through, but never does- latest email came today with another comment that he would be paying the deposit - that was 6 hrs ago - nothing received.

Welcome Lynette, glad you dropped in for a visit, plase do come again anytime and I will do the same. I noticed we read similar blogs. And, yes I noticed that you (like me) are rarely at a loss for words and photos! FYI Daisy of Dancing with Daisy is a library media specialist.

Thanks Carole, we really like the penguins too and the frogs as well, of course!

AC, present company excluded, you know.

Thanks Lois, we enjoy your sea-going travels while you enjoy our train trips. We did have pizza at ANthony's in Bryson City, NC (again) on this recent trip. I should try the Etsy marketplace as I have a lot of 4x6 photos mountain on 5x7 matte board - leftovers from our recent craft show days, which we gave up last year.

Possum, there's just NO figuring out people most of the time.

Don't unplug your hub said...

Hi Beatrice.Sorry about your trouble with this buyer. Maybe he forgot to check with his wife. Are you sure you mentioned to the buyer that you really want to sell the boat. :-)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi John, you and Christer might be right on that! And, yes I think I've mentioned to this guy in my numerous emails about really really wanting to sell this boat, but he never showed the $$$

Cicero Sings said...

How aggravating!

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