Thursday, May 13, 2010

Taking Refuge

ocean view (1)Day tripping is one of the things that Grenville and I do best , aside from working around the F&P and in the gardens. Today’s adventure was to a well known VA tourist spot, Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge before it gets inundated by summer tourists and  the “mozzies” which have already arrived according to fellow blogger, Jim, who posts regularly about CNWR.

As part of his making time for himself plans, Grenville wanted to get info on fishing there and also check out some beach sites. beach goers (1) That was a good enough reason to go despite overcast skies and chilly temps – neither of which kept some folks from surf fishing and some hardier beachgoers from sitting on the beach – but no one went in the water…BRRRR. 

And, it may well be true that kids make their own fun ANYWHERE. This little red head was having a great time running barefoot in the sand, while his family huddled together on the beach.

boy on beach (10)

boy on beach (7)

Sometimes the simplest things are the MOST fun, like bare footing or flying a kite. Have some fun this summer - You might like it!


Sara said...

The pics of the little boy are great. Sounds like you enjoyed the day.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks! YES he sure was having FUN and so did we cause the off-season is always the best time to visit a tourist magnet like CNWR.

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