Sunday, May 16, 2010

Special Date

DO you have a special date to remember and celebrate every year ?

Ours is May 16 – and it’s NOT our wedding anniversary date (that wasn’t until some 2 years later in August). THIS date is special because it was our first date. Sure, you may recall or may want to forget altogether your first date .

But we don’t! 

After all, HOW could anyone possibly forget a date that  lasted over 19 hours?  Of course, there are other memorable reasons, including that we “met “online and exchanged emails for 2 months before meeting face-to-face. And, our first kiss was in a basement. Better clarify that last comment by saying it was the basement in my condo AND also admit that I kissed first, but Grenville kissed back. And then….

But, any more information would be more than you need to know or TMI (too much information).

mailbox penguinsOur email exchanges included mailing THIS ecard back and forth. It would show up in my  morning mail and be sent back to Grenville by evening. I had to send it back since the inside of the card reads…
Because I’m sending them back to you…

And, we had fun  adding other messages in the emails. Sorry, that’s way TMI for this blog.

NOW, you know a little more about why we like PENGUINS so much!

penguin hug

Later on, we’ll get to the FROGS…but that’s another story.

frogs swing

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