Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rain, Rain, Come again!!!!!!

And that is what it did last evening, along with thunder and lightning. BUT we ended up with .41 inches of rain which will make all of the crops smile if the sun comes out later. Best part is that the NWS is predicting (well it is hoping) that we will continue getting shower and t-storms through tomorrow evening.

Yesterday we took the first steps towards our own green house. Beatrice and I bought 80 patio blocks for the base. We tried to make this as easy as possible by stacking the blocks on a pallet so we could have our friend John Deere lift them out of the truck. BUT 80 blocks were a little too much for poor Johnnie to lift so we had to off load half of them to a second pallet before moving them to the building site. Next step will be clearing off the wild flower garden that is there now. The thoughts are to scoop it up and relocate it to either further down the garden or start a new garden else where.

Today will be an adventure day to the Refuge..... Maybe some pictures later,,,,, Stay tuned

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