Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pillow Talk

No, no – it’s NOT that kind of “pillow talk.”pillow talk
And, we’re not talking about the 1959 film.

This pillow talk is really just about pillows. (Sorry if you were expecting something else.)

OK, back to the “real” pillow talk. Pillows are GREAT, especially when new. Ours were de-plumped. Best word to describe “flat” pillows?
IKEA pillow (2) During our recent IKEA safari, we tested pillows. That’s NOT an easy task when there’s no bed nearby. But we weren’t sure how store reps would take to us moving the bed to the pillows or vice versa. 

And, such decisions to make  since there were all types: back sleepers, stomach sleepers, side sleepers. After extensive testing, decided on 4 of the Gosa Pinje “back sleeper” pillows. And, last night we “tested” them at home on our own bed.
Yes, there was some pillow talk, but we’re not sharing here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We talked?????? What did we say?????? I think there was a pillow surrounding my head....

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