Friday, May 7, 2010

OBX Odyssey

footprintAs Grenville has previously posted, this forced captivity was so “terrible” that we were forced to treat ourselves to such hardships like walking along the beach and watching a sunset.
    beach (1)
sunset (1)Even though, it was hard to endure this “forced” captivity these past several days in the Outer Banks of NC, we managed to make the best of a great situation. The weather was perfect, it was the off-season, and we saw a lot of interesting places - definitely worth a return visit !
hatteras lghthse (2)
ocracoke lgthse (1)
No OBX visit would be complete without seeing lighthouses, especially the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. It’s the tallest lighthouse in the US and not only can you climb the 268 steps, but you get to pay for the privilege too – full details here. The Ocracoke Lighthouse (left) is located on Ocracoke Island . Getting to the island requires a 40-minute ferry ride (free) and your car gets to ride too (also for free).  It’s a good thing you have a car too because once the ferry docks, there is a 10-mile drive into the village.  P1020878
Here’s a few of the folks who travelled with us on the trip. (See if you can figure out how it was taken.)

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