Thursday, May 6, 2010

And the Forced Fun Goes On

Yes we are still being held and forced to have fun. Yesterday we were forced to ride around all day. After sitting quietly and watching the fog swirl majestically over the ocean in the morning we were made to enjoy the same fog at the first of several lighthouses. We are not allowed to tell the name as you might
figure out where we are and rescue us. In fact they even covered most of the first lighthouse so we wouldn't know where we were. But the Bodies were a good hint!!!! Then they drove us through gorgeous dunes and over some inlet, but the fog obscured it.

The drive went on and on till we got to a ferry. We were forced to enjoy the 40 minute ride to a secret island. While we were on the secret island we were guarded by some of the local inhabitants. They seemed a little feather headed but nice for the most part.

The ultimate came at dinner time when we were forced to eat fish and later home made ice cream. They put us to sleep for the long ride home and this morning woke up in our beds having to listen to the gently crashing of the ocean waves.

They say today they will make us go north and enjoy more stuff..... OH what torture!!!!

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