Friday, May 7, 2010

And The Saga Goes On

It just never seems to end. Still being held captive in paradise, and rescue is no where in sight this morning. Yesterday was a real horror. Early in the morning (10:45 am) we were taken to
another secret location and forced to eat a huge breakfast. We were not allowed to leave, even for the bathroom, till we cleaned our plates. They said it was so that we were so full we could not run away. Then we were loaded into vehicles and made to enjoy roaming through towns on the north end of the beach and dragged through many stores. We were even threatened to be taken to the lighthouse on the far north end but that never materialized.

BUT the worst part was the threat of tortured by having to stay in one of the many beach shacks we were shown. Here are secret photos of some of the worst of the lot. We were terrified that we would be held in the yellow one and forced to enjoy the sight, sound, and even the smell of the ocean for long periods of time.

One of these horrible shabby shacks was built inside a very pretty deck that appears to have had its center mercilessly gutted out. What do these people think of????? What kind of wicked funsters live here????? Could it be the constant exposure to salt air and extreme fun???? OH what a torturous night that would have been. Luckily we were returned to our original location after being fed more fish and hush puppies, and then thrown out on the beach at sunset to walk on the beach. All the time being forced to enjoy it.
We are so worried that it will be contagious and we will still be infected when we finally escape and return home. We may require 'retraining'.
Later this morning we are going to attempt an escape from all this terrible fun we are being forced to endure. How much fun can anyone possible endure?????? It is truly horrendous.
Wish us luck!!!!!!!

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