Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Home at last

When ever we go some place it’s always nice to come home again. The trip back was mostly rain, but nothing heavy. If you are looking at the weather post at the top of our blog the rainfall listed is only for today. When combined with yesterday and last night we have recorded 1.57” of rain. Possum, down the road from us, had 1.78” (the clouds like her better). On the plus side this has been a gentle rain for the most part and checking our moisture sensors out in the field has given all of the crops and the grass a good drink. Most importantly the tomatoes are staying at a nice even moisture level which is what they like.

This evening we are going to the Grand Opening Dinner of our friend, JackBear’s, newest restaurant. I am starving up for this event. Then it is back to the regular diet.

With luck the rain will end later today and it will be dry enough to check the crops tomorrow. Then fishing on Thursday.

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