Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snowed-in PA

Readers of this blog already know all about Grenville’s excitement over this early pre-Halloween snowfall we’re experiencing this weekend in Lancaster, PA. If you don’t, just check over his recent posts, starting before we left NH and earlier this morning in PA.

After spending most of today in a PA motel room  – the plans to visit family were put on hold until Sunday – we decided to venture out by late afternoon.

The flowers in front of the motel were not ready for winter.

PA snow collage2This couple of true “snowbirds”  watched motorists and pedestrians get around in the slushy mess.

PA snow collage5The snow was still coming down during and after our outing.

PA snow collage3There were some very pretty scenes.

PA snow collageOur destination was one of our favorite eateries, Panera Bread, where we enjoyed a soup bread bowl.  We also bought a baguette loaf for tonight’s fine dining experience – cut up cheese and apple.

Panera collageThe only thing that’s missing is a nice fire, but the Days Inn folks wouldn’t take kindly to us having one in the room. So, we’ll have to “make do” with lighting our travel candle.


grammie g said...

Hi B&G wasn't kidding was you ...yikes !!!!

Weather report from Lisbon Me. for Grenville: SNOWING !!!!!

grammie g said...
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Country Mouse Studio said...

That's a lot of snow even for us up north

Anonymous said...

It looks so beautiful in a photograph from the other side of a big ocean :-) :-) It is actually much warmer than usual here now and I'm enjoying every second of it :-)

Have a great day!

Arija said...

How glorious to see snow on those colourful flowers. Geez, for someone as snow-starved as me, this is absolute heaven.

Sandra said...

you are not to far from my niece in Perkasie, she sent photos of her yard last night and that is a lot of snow. glad you are safe in your motel. love the icy flowers

Lois Evensen said...

What wonderful pictures! Love all the snow pictures from a distance! ;) That won't last long, though. We'll be on our way home at the end of November.

Hugs from Port Canaveral,

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Good Morning Folks, thanks for all your comments. We are doing fine in PA. The snow ended about 8 pm last night and the motel lot was plowed. After our Panera excursion, we watched an old movie. Today is sunny and snow-free and we're heading out shortly for family visits. We leave for home Monday morning.

Grammie G, hope you don't get hit too hard. It was good talking to you.

Hi Carole, it was a lot of snow for us this early too.

Thanks Christer, when the big snows hit your area, it will look beautiful to us as well.

Welcome Arija, glad we could oblige to bring you some snow without the work of clean-up. The flowers were looking very "sad."

Hi Sandra, hope your niece was safe too. All was well in the motel room.

Hi Lois, we know you don't have to deal with the snow now, but know you will have your own photos to share when you return home. Enjoying your photos from warmer areas.

Anvilcloud said...

It looks like a very wet snow and a pretty fair amount for the time of year.

Out on the prairie said...

I have a hard time passing a Panera, I do like their breads.I noticed flocks of juncos yesterday, a sure sign of that winter approaching coming down from the north. I told them to go back.

Daisy said...

Oh my! I've been hearing about all the snow coming down in the northeast. Sorry it made you change your plans. The pictures are pretty though. No snow here--thank goodness! :)

Lovethesun said...

Love your snowy pics. ....just don't send the snow over the Atlantic to us in UK!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Yes, AC this was quite a wet snow event and we had less here in PA than folks in other parts of the northeast.

Steve, did the juncos listen to you? We hardly ever avoid a Panera bread when travelling - the hazelnut coffee is quite good too.

Daisy, we were able to complete our plans today (Sunday), thanks for the concern and comments. Hope the snow holds off a bit for you cause this is too early.

Thanks Rosa! Glad you enjoyed them and will keep that in mind about keeping the snow here in the U.S.

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