Sunday, October 23, 2011


That’s how to describe Grenville tonight.AC adapter

Sadly, the AC power adapter for his netbook came up lame this evening, so he did the only thing possible – he shot it.

Well, not really, but he did mutter a lot at this inanimate object.

He was planning to post two NH train ride tales. If you’ve been reading this blog, you KNOW how he likes loves Red heart trains!

So, he asked me to to let everyone know that the train post  will be delayed for awhile. Tomorrow, we’re heading to a Best Buy electronics store to see if he can find a replacement. (It’s nice to be staying in an area that has these stores nearby.) 

He hopes to be back on track soon after this derailment.

Sorry for those last puns, but they were irresistible.


Daisy said...

Oh dear. Hope you can get things working again soon.

Elaine said...

Nothing worse than Grenville being derailed! Hopefully Best Buy will come to his rescue.

BTW, a GPS system would certainly beat our MAP system when it was dark, and we zigged when we should have zagged. It could have at least nagged at us when we took those wrong turns. Wait! That might have made it worse, having that disembodied voice come out of the darkness to tell us we screwed up again. Pretty soon it would have went on overload, yelling "Recalculating route, recalculating, recalculating--stop the vehicle immediately, exit the vehicle, step away from the vehicle." Hmmm, should we spring for a GPS or not.....

Sandra said...

so this means the railroad post is derailed by the derailment of the gadget. shop on and good luck

Anvilcloud said...

I imagine that something will be available somewhere, but the question may be when and where. Bon chance.

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