Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Funnies

A day late – poster in the Dublin (NH) General Store

Dublin NH gen store1014 (10)

Of course, it’s a joke, but one the local folks always chuckle over.


Elaine said...

That would certainly draw a bit of attention to Dublin! I like the idea of disguising cell phone towers like that. They could take the place of all those old icons along Route 66 and the Lincoln Highway.

Out on the prairie said...

Sometimes when I see the towers I kow I am getting close to a town. I wonder if the one in Dublin will have an ice rink as in France?LOL

Anonymous said...

It would have looked nice though :-) :-)

I love the photographs in the previos post!

Have a great day!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks Elaine, Steve & Christer, this tower would have been unique in the New England area. I agree that some of the ones along the highways are quite unattractive, especially ones badly disguised as pine trees.

Sara said...

This is pretty funny. I can see a bunch of these right at home here in NJ.

The trip to Dublin &Whilton was interesting. Rain can get a little tedious but it does make the tree bark so dark. And the fall leaves look more striking against the dark bark.

When you head up to Conway there are 2 very scenic routes going west of there. The first is the Kancamagus HIghway (RT 112). The only drawbacks are that this highway is through the woods and mountains--and has nothing else on it (no stores, rest rooms, etc). It is fairly curvy and you have only one lane on most of it. Another route is route 302. This is a little farther north of Conway but it is actually quicker. It also has places to stop and things to see along it. Toward the west end of the route you come to Bethlehem, which is a beautiful little town and then to Littleton, which is also an interesting town and the commercial center for the area. If you go that way you could then to north on 93 about 20 min or so and end up in St Johnsbury, Vt. From there you could go south on Rt 91 in Vermont which runs along the Connecticut River--spectacular scenery. When you get down around exit 10 you could cross the river and be in Lebanon, NH, home of Dartmouth. From there you could go back down Rt 91 or come down Rt 89 to the Sunapee Lake area. Which ever way you go there is sure to be beautiful scenery.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Sara,thanks for the tips on the road trip to North Conway, NH. We were already planning to take both Rtes 112 and 302 and try to see as much along those routes and oher places as we can. We've booked a place in North Conway for 2 nights and might extend to 3 depending on the weather which is supposed go be rainy by mid-week.

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