Sunday, October 30, 2011

What a Difference . . .

An overnight can make after a storm.

This was the scene yesterday afternoon in Lancaster, PA when we left our motel room and ventured to Panera for lunch.


The scene was much different by mid-morning today. Roadways were snow-free, with some of the 3-inch snowfall along the roadsides.PA post-snow collageOur postponed family visit took us past farms in snowy fields.

PA barn collageEarly morning calls to family in CT, NJ and RI reassured us that everyone was OK, aside from a brief power loss in NJ. It was good news to hear after listening to TV news reports of widespread  power outages and downed tree limbs throughout the northeast. We are thankful.

Monday morning we are heading home to the VA eastern shore. It’s been a great road trip. Thanks to everyone who followed (and commented) on our road trip posts. Glad to have you all along.


Country Gal said...

Glad all are ok during the snow storm. I must admit I never really liked this idea of snow till I got back into photography now I look at it as a photo opportunity . Have a wonderful evening.

Elaine said...

Lovely collages! Our last two days pretty much parallels yours, except yesterday evening we had the power out from about 6:00 to 9:00 and then again closer to midnight. I was just commenting on your post last night when the power went out again, and of course the Internet with it, so just went to bed instead. Today was such a beautiful fall day you wouldn't believe the snow yesterday, except for all of it hiding in the fields, and of course the 3 inches we scraped off the car this morning.

Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...

We got some flurries but the ground is still too warm for it to stick here. We can see it on a few of the higher ridges.

Montanagirl said...

I always enjoy your travels, and especially your collages!

Arija said...

Great to see the first snow in those lovely landscapes of farms. A great road trip you have been having indeed.

Anvilcloud said...

I hope you have a good trip back home today.

possum said...

Glad you had such beautiful excitement and NO problems! All we had here was an inch and a quarter of rain - BUT this morning, a killing frost! The barn roofs are white!
Be glad when you are home!

Daisy said...

Glad to see the roads were clear again. Safe travels home to you!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks, Elaine (Country Girl) I also enjoy the photo ops from a fresh blanket of snow.

Hi Elaine (Artic View) we did not lose power in our PA motel and thankfully the internet stayed up, so Netflix came in very handy on a snowy day. The snow brush we bought before leaving NH came in handy!

Chip, we heard that our home on the VA eastern shore just got some rain.

Thanks Mona!

Yes Arija, the snow-covered fields and farms were pretty even when viewed (and photographed) from our car.

Thanks AC, weather looks clear for the entire ride.

Hi Possum, thanks for the weather info and will look forward to seeing some of your frost photos. We're looking forward to getting back too!

Sandra said...

well from these shots, looks like the roads are clear for you to travel home, stay safe

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photographs and I'm glad I'm not there :-)
I understand itr was quite a bad snow storm with all those problems with power loss.

Most of our powerlines in this area are dug down in the ground so we rarely have power loss here.

Have a safe trip home again!

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