Sunday, May 30, 2010

Yard (and House?) Sale

Yesterday was our little town’s 2nd annual Spring Fling annual yard sale NordicTrack Proin which residents are “invited” to hold yard sales. Of course, anyone can have a yard sale anytime, but for this one, the town advertises in the local paper, provides a sale sign, and prints a map showing yard sale sites in town. Grenville and I  signed up, got the sign, but never got any maps to hand out. Of course, we  KNEW where we where, but some folks who stopped by asked if we had a map showing the locations of other yard sales. Now exactly WHY we would want shoppers to leave our little sale to go to someone else’s was a mystery to us!

Actually, we didn’t have a lot of things but “stuff” that had been stored and moved from place to place – and if you’ve ever combined households and/or moved, you will KNOW what we mean. But, a big “to sell” item was my Nordic Track ski machine that I really used (years ago) when my condo had a full basement. If you’ve ever used this ski machine you will KNOW just how much space is needed. Sure, the unit can store compactly, but once it’s set up it’s unwieldy and a space hog. It’s been stored and a few weeks ago, we moved it back to the F&P. After some clean-up it was set up in the guest room and immediately dominated the space. Grenville figured it would make a good clothes hanger for overnight guests, so it was was time to find it a new (or old) home, just not ours any longer.

for sale by ownerSo the NT was set up on the front porch (due to threat of a.m. showers) with a  large For Sale by Owner sign in front. (that’s the tip of the sign hidden behind the porch frog in the above photo) A friend who was at our place selling items said that someone might think we were selling our home! 
The power of suggestion – you know what happened – of 0409 House photocourse.
We had 3 people ask if we were really selling the house. Grenville gave them a price – with or without contents (save our personal “stuff” and PCs).
We’ll let you know when (and if) we’re moving.


Anvilcloud said...

I had one of those Nordic Track ski machines many moons ago. I found it too hard on my wonky back. Oddly enough, I got it because I thought the reverse would be true. Expensive mistake that.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

How right you are on the expensive part, although I will admit that I did use the NT for many years in my condo basement. It was perfect there, but this VA home doesn't have a basement.

tgsantee said...
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Triumph said...

Having a clumsy time getting started here. I suggest putting a price tag of $750,000 or something like that on the ski machine and offering to include the house for free. What surprises me is you didn't end up buying more stuff at the other yard sales.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks for the selling tip. Maybe we should try an online auction? We didn't get to any other yard sales as we were busy trying to divest ourselves of "stuff" and there wasn't time to look for more "stuff."

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!! What great selling tips... we could have been gazillionaires!!!!!
The next thing to go is a 90 HP outboard motor,,,, comes with complementary deck boat and trailer!!!!!

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