Thursday, May 26, 2011

What is This? #11 Answer

YES, the What is This? #11 post from earlier this week is – a Bird Bath

Sort of . . . OK, it’s only the pedestal base, since the top bowl piece has a crack and is awaiting repair by Grenville.

We have a second one in the front yard. This plastic birdbath has withstood summers and winters the past several years. We bought it for under $10. The penguins skate on the little ice pond in colder months and frogs swim in warmer ones – hanging out those little skates and towels is a lot of work. What you don’t believe that  -- WHICH part?


CORRECT answer once again came from Sandra, who almost went with Kathleen in guessing it was a plunger, seconded by Elaine.

IMG_0876And, it sort of, kinda DOES look like an upside-down plunger.  Elaine, you may be right in posting that a plunger might be more “essential” than popular.

BUT considering how often I have to wash it out and refill it, the birds find the bath VERY popular.


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking a bird bath would be a nice addition to my bird oasis. I am thinking of trying one of the plastic ones we sell at the lawn and garden center at which I work. The base is hollow; you put sand in the base to add weight.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

We bought this one at a local Rite-Aid store several years ago and we put some small stones in the bottom to weight it....must be working cause it's never blown over.

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