Thursday, May 5, 2011

Complaining Works

It really does!

target gift cardAnd I have a FREE $25 value Target gift card to prove it.

HOW did I get it? – I complained

About a month ago,  I posted how the gift card was to be sent as thanks for completing a Photographer’s Edge survey.The questions were answered and an explanation provided that I was no longer selling photo greeting cards.  Completed the survey and got a call that a $25 credit would be given towards future purchases.

NOT what I expected – show me the gift card, and they did, after I wrote to complain and might have mentioned a “bait and switch” tactic and something about reneging on an offer.

For folks not familiar with Target, it’s the second largest discount retailer in the U.S., behind Wal-Mart. It has a bull’s-eye trademark and is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota .  In January, Target announced its expansion into Canada where it will operate 100 to 150 stores by 2013.

The closest Target retail store from the VA Eastern Shore is a 90-minute drive north to Salisbury, MD.  We won’t be going anytime soon as gas prices have curtailed some road trips. The GREAT news is that gift cards don’t expire.

If something’s not quite right – COMPLAIN – you just might get what you want (and deserve).

Thanks, Photographer’s Edge for following through on an offer.


grammie g said...

Hi Beatrice ..."thatagirl" I bet they won't mess with you
If you get a chance, pop over to the post I put up today you will have a good laugh!!

Anvilcloud said...

In once complained a little to Tim Hortons. For my troubles, I received two one dollar coupons -- ripped out of a $5 book. It didn't exactly do much to foster good will, but Tims is still a fave.

Sandra said...

the other great news is you can go to and order and use your gift card. i ordered our leather ottomans from Target. I wanted leather, they were expensive, i kept going to Target looking at the ones i wanted, but did not order due to the cost. they started sending me emails advertising the ottomans with 10 percent off. i got many of those emails, continued to LOOK at them. one day i got an email that said 15 percent off PLUS free shipping, two of them weighed more than 50 pounds BINGO, i ordered them and 3 days later they were here and I love them. complaining does work, ask my husband he says i am the Queen of complaining. ha ha

Out on the prairie said...

The power of the word often works well.I can't believe one is so far away.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Grammie G - thanks for the comment. Sometimes you just have to take a stand and the Target gift card was said send to be the Thanks in the original survey letter. Enjoyed your post today - photos and text.

Sandra, I rarely check out the Target website because there isn't a store nearby as when we lived elsewhere. But there are ones in states we visit, so will just have to remember to pack the gift card, just in case and of course, there's always holiday shopping online. Great deal on those ottomans - you are a savy shopper as well as the Queen of complaining!

Yes it does, Steve, and you know the written word so well. Yes it's true that the closest Target is in Salisbury, MD a mere 90-minute drive from our home on the VA eastern shore. If you look on a map, check out Onley (pop. 500).

Anonymous said...

Our closest Target is about 1 1/4-hour drive from our house. I'm glad that you received the gift card. BTW we were in your neck of the woods over the Easter holiday.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Linda, yes I know you were in the Chincoteague area after reading your blog and seeing your shots (good ones). It would have been great to meet face-to-face. Chincoteague is about a 45-min drive from our home. Maybe next time!

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