Friday, May 13, 2011

Frog & PenguINN Crew (repost)

Apologies to all those who posted a comment to this post, which was previously sent to Blogger on Thursday, May 12 – somehow the entire post  disappeared from the blog TODAY, Friday the 13th. The frog crew (and the head penguin) requested the Re-posting. Never argue with the “help.”
There’s been less time for blog posting this week as we have been doing  yard word at The Frog and PenguINN  before our NC road  next week.  Of course, we will be posting along the way. There’s a lot of spring planting – veggies and flowers – being done now.
This garden crew was hard at work earlier today.
This group keeps the gardens looking good and stopped for a group shot this afternoon.
IMG_0467Other frogs hang out in the flower beds.
garden frog collage0511Still more frogs are in the Welcome group .
frog welcome0511IF you were curious as to what penguins do to help – it’s very IMG_0476little. Someone has to be in charge of the frog groups, and here’s the head  penguin taking a break (as always) on the front lawn this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

My first thought when I saw the frog pictures was that you like frogs. But, then, I remembered the name of your blog :-) We sell some whimsical-looking frogs at the lawn and garden center at which I work.

Anvilcloud said...

Hence the blog name. Slowly the light begins to dawn. Ever so slowly.

Ludwig said...

Yes, it appears that Blogger had a problem, my last post also disappeared. I was doing a presentation today on blogging to a senior user group - I used your blog as an example and it got good comments. Then I found my post missing, so had the opportunity to demonstrate doing a repost and answer the question "should you keep copies of posts on your computer" with a definite and convincing "yes". P.S. You may get a crowd of visitors - my audience asked for my PowerPoint slides - they are online and link to the blogs, so get prepared.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks for reposting your comments, Linda and AC. It was bad enough to have blogger out of service for almost 24 hours, but worse yet to have lost lots of postings.

Hi Ludwig and we now all know that blogger had quite a serious problem, although it was never quite explained on their website. We appreciate that the F&P blog was used as an example in your talk and are flattered too (no false modesty here). Your suggestion to keep copies of posts on your computer is terrific as this blogger failure shows. I do all my postings are in LiveWriter and not in blogger and was able to re-post because of this. And, we do appreciate and welcome all visitors so if anyone in your audience drops in we will be happy to reply.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hey Grammie G, sorry that your earlier comment to this post was lost along with the 1st post. IF JD (the tractor) has enough room for both of us and our stuff, then maybe we could head north...but that would be after the NC trip (way after).

aurbie said...

So glad you stopped in. I am retired-retired now, so I am taking some time off to re-organize my priorities, start an Eastern Shore photo blog, and plan some travel.

Those roses are beautiful. I can grow weeds - really well.

aurbie said...

Oops. Wrong post. The frogs are sooo cute. Wish we had some big ones like that to eat all these bugs.

We were at the Yellow Duck a few weeks back, but it was Sunday afternoon, and they were closed.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Patty, retired -- really?? AGAIN! If you and Larry are like us, you never really just do nothing...thanks for the update and maybe we can connect again before our anniversary (it's in Aug). But this coming week, we're celebrating our 1st date anniv. with a trip to Bryson City, NC to ride the Great Smokey Mountain RR and see other places along the way.
Maybe the garden frogs would be interested in overtime, but would need travel expenses.