Friday, May 27, 2011

Blogger STILL Broken

It’s been frustrating to try and leave comments on blogs we read and enjoy. Some blog comments work OK and let us post as “Grenville” and “Beatrice.” Other times, a comment is listed as “anonymous” after we have signed in and re-signed in. And, then sometimes after signing in, there’s an endless loop where the sign-on screen keep re-displaying and No comment can be posted.

And there’s no way of knowing which time the comment will get through.

Today, the list of Friends has disappeared on our blog and also on some other blogs we follow.

Reading the blogger help page provides no new updates and doesn’t even address some of these problems.


Grenville and I are considering a move to WordPress. Truth is we haven’t learned all the ins and outs on blogger, so don’t know whether WP would be more or less confusing.

Here’s where I would ask. . . . Anyone want to comment?

But, then remembered, OOPS you may not be able to do that.

But, IF you can, let us know whether a move would be better? (Thanks, Christer, for letting us know you liked WP better.)


Anonymous said...

I do hope things will improve with Blogger. It isn´t hard to understand how WP works but it is a bit different than Blogger. One can´t sign up as a follower as far as I know, perhaps there are some kind of gadget for that but I haven´t looked for that to be honest :-)


Elaine said...

I only had one day when I couldn't comment on some blogs but could on others. It's frustrating when glitches like this pop up, but I think that happens in just about every computer program. I think possibly they push hard to add new things to web-based programs and consequently issues crop up. Most of the time it seems like if you just wait a while the problems get sorted out and everything works fine again. I haven't tried any other blogger programs so really can't say whether one is better than the other.

Sandra said...

i have not used wordpress, but i can tell you the few that i follow, i do not like commenting there. also the 4 i tried to comment on the past few days, i had to type my name and email every time i went there, it is not holding that info and that is as aggravating as the other, these problems are not just blogger, but google related and maybe even windows and certainly Interent Explorer related. i am using Firefox, still have some problems but a few less. it is all interrelated. your comment is fine, it is the embedded ones we cant comment on, you have pop up and that works good.

Montanagirl said...

I had problems for a couple days where I couldn't even sign on to Blogger, but all seems sorted out now. I have enough problems keeping Blogger straight, so doubt I'll switch. Like Elaine says, all the programs will have problems and glitches. I'm too used to this to switch I guess.

Anonymous said...

Like Blogger Word Press keeps the emails for those using WP. So it´s easy just to start an account there and then that problem is out of the way.
I have to write down my address on all blogger blogs every time I comment there. But I just copy and paste on all blogger blogs I visit.


john bain said...

Better the devil you know.

Lois Evensen said...

I've checked out world press and am not impressed compared to blogger, even with blogger's burps and headaches. this morning I have had to sign in numerous times to be able to leave comments, but then all works well.... Go figure....

Lois <-- all tied up in Port Canaveral today.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Folks - it's so good to be back and able to read and reply to your comments. Thanks everyone for your patience.

Christer, it seems folks either like blogger vs. wordpress or not. After checking online it seems both have good and bad points. I am going to start a separate WP blog just to try and learn how it works, but then I haven't quite figured out blogger so it may take awhile.

Elaine, you are so rigtht about waiting and things seem to sort themselves out. I agree that every computer program has glitches. I'll be sure to comment on my WP experience if and when I try it.

Sandra, thanks for all your good tips on embedded comments being part of the problem. We've switched to pop-up comments now and most folks seem to prefer it, so we're going to see if any spam slips in (supposedly embedded comments prevented spam better). Also I noticed that when using Firefox I was able to see more things showing up in blogger than when using Internet explorer, but the Friends (followers) were still missing in both. It does seem to be a Google and more so with IE.

Mona, I know what you mean because sometimes change is just not worth the trouble....and sometimes not any better in the end.

Thanks, Christer for the tips on how you keep track of your blogs.

John (don't inplug...) you may be right!

Hi Lois, glad you are back to blog commenting. We do miss you when you can't get online but then get to "see" and read about all the fun you are having crusing around.

Unknown said...

Let me know...I'm thinking about switching but know of people who did and then returned to Blogger...:)JP

Ruth said...

I have a Wordpress and a Blogger blog and they both have their strengths and weaknesses. I don't use the follower feature, but use the Google Reader instead. A newer blogging platform is
It has a simple template suitable for mobile devices.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Welcome Home in the Hollow, thanks for the visit and comment. After reading feedback from folks we will most likely remain with blogger for now. But I plan to start a separate Wordpress blog to try out it and will keep all posted. Please do come back anytime and I will do the same.

Thanks Ruth for the feedback. Nothing is perfect all the time and it seems both platforms have pros and cons. We don't blog from anything other than our PCs so would most likely not use the new blogging platform you mentioned, but I'll check it out - thanks.