Sunday, May 22, 2011

Natural Highs . . .and NOT

Home Again on the VA eastern shore after a  week-long road trip to NC to celebrate the 14th anniversary of our 1st date by riding a train, touring a national park, and hiking to an observation tower. Boy, do we know how to relax (?).  We had a GREAT time. Grenville had his first-ever train ride in the engine cab. Needless to say he was excited – didn’t it show in his recent post and videos.

Our actual wedding anniversary (#12) is in August. We already have something special planned – of course, we’ll be posting about that too and sharing with everyone !

Cloudscapes viewed on the drive from Bryson City to Durham, NC.louds collage0521

The clouds looked ominous, but the weather was not and there were only a few raindrops. We had a few rainstorms during the trip, but nothing compared to the week-long soakings all along the U.S. east coast. The flower and veggie gardens here at home needed lots of watering on our return yesterday.

0521 clouds (8)Clouds are fascinating to watch, especially when Grenville is driving and l’m in the passenger seat. This group looked like a giant plane. What do you think?

Gas prices were up and down from NC to the VA eastern shore – LOW of $3.69 to HIGH of $3.99/gal and everywhere in between. The average at home now seems to be $3.75/gal – down 14 cents from $3.89 when we left over a week ago.

Unlike clouds, none of these are natural.
gas price collage0521Could this be a sign (sorry, couldn’t resist) of lower prices to come – or a temporary drop before a summer season rise?. The next few months will let us all know.

ANY gas price drops in your part of the country/world?


Sandra said...

the sky is beautiful, and yes, i see the puffy Pillsbury dough plane in the cloud. i am suffering a little train riding envy. i love trains

Montanagirl said...

Love those sky shots.

Anonymous said...

I love clouds but they have either been a grey cover or small ones that just looked like a bunch of clouds :-) :-)

I would love to fill up my car with Your prices :-) :-) But I don´t know if our prices has dropped anything last week, I think it´s time to put petrol in my car tomorrow so then I´ll know more.

Have a great day and happy anniversary a bit late :-)


Picturit said...

Skies are fab and really like the fuel montage too

Lois Evensen said...


It's so fun to be on line and be able to see your and other blogs. Your trip looks like so much fun! As you know, it's just our kind of thing. We plan on a return trip to Bryson city soon!

In answer to your question about gas, I cringe when My Honey reaches for his credit card to fill up the buggy we are riding around in right now. ;)

Hugs from here to there,
Lois (happy to be in the USA for just a few hours today)

Frank said...

Interesting skies AND we are still paying far too much to power the wheels!

Daisy said...

Pretty cloud pictures, Beatrice. I see the airplane too. :)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Folks, clouds sure do provide interesting diversions any time, but especially when in the car and I have the time to appreciate them cause Grenville is usually driving.

Sandra & Daisy, thanks for the comment that you also saw a plane in the clouds and Sandra it does look like something the dough boy would fly in.

Thanks Mona and Picturit. The collages are so easy and fun to do in Picasa and work great for the fuel price collages I've done recently...and for many other collages too.

Christer, yes I know your prices while high are lower than in Sweden. Hope your fuel prices also drop a bit soon. Thanks for the anniversary wishes...late is good too.

Hi Lois, glad you could connect and comment. We made a special point of eating pizza at Anthony's in Bryson City after your recommendation.

Frank agreed on paying too much. Who would have thought we would be excited that gas prices had dropped to below $4?

Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...

I've shot my share of clouds since I picked up a camera a couple of years back but that soaking you mentioned has burned me out on them for a while. The sun is finally out again and gas has steadily dropped ($3.65 this morning). We're hoping it keeps going down because we're headed home to Va. Beach for a couple of weeks next month and Godzilla guzzles gas!

Don't unplug your hub said...

£1.43.09 for a litre of fuel. How it's possible to pay .09 of a penny I haven't worked out yet. It works out at £7.20p for a gallon. Outrageous! Mostly tax of course.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Chip, hope the gas prices keep going down for all of us. Today I saw $3.67 at one stattion and $3.69 at several; maybe it will get lower in time for your VA beach road trip. Clouds are such fun to shoot.

Hello John, they do the same here in the U.S. with that 9.10th nonsense when everyone know that it's just rounded up (never down). I agree outrageous, especially outside the U.S. Thanks for the return visit.

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