Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Still no answer!!!!!

Well, there still is no answer to the burning question of what is the distance between the rails of a standard American Railroad track?

So here is a visual hint. This is a shot from the GSMRR Maintenance Yard of a set of train wheels and section of track minus the car. Not your usual site, but good for illustration.

SOOOOO What is the distance between rails and what is the measurment based on???? AND remember 'smart possums' should not give away the answer :-)

Grenville (heading back out the the fields)


Sandra said...

love the photo, but no answer because i cant use google or so you said

Unknown said...

I Have no idea don't even know what it is in Uk. Nice photo look forward to finding out the answer!

Connie said...

I'm not sure, but it seems to me I read a long time ago that it had something to do with the distance between the wheels of the old covered wagons, but I don't remember the details.

john bain said...

Sorry. I'm not allowed to say. Oh all right then! I don't know.

Anonymous said...

I read about that just days ago but I can´t remember it :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day now!

Anonymous said...

Having had quite a few people in my family who worked on railroads, and having gone to highschool and college daily on trains I think I remember that years ago there were many gauges. That is why today some historical railroads are described as narrow gauge. Today most regular train tracks in the USA are probably about 4 feet 8 1/2 inches to 4 feet 9 1/2 inches apart.I used to love riding the trains. Took the train to Florida and back to the New York area twice and out to Kansas and back once. Did the Durango-Silverton narrow gauge in Colorado once too. It think it runs in the family.