Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rainy Days & Sweatpants

Yup, that’s what we’ve been having a lot of lately; NO we’re not whining. We know that some fellow bloggers have had snow. YES, we like snow, but don’t want any now. Thanks anyway in case you wanted to offer some – Grammie G, Elaine, Mona, or others.
These were the puddles at the end of our street this morning. Those are raindrops splattering in the puddles on the right.
rainy day032311 (5)rainy day032311 (8)
The back patio was looking very soggy too. Just a couple of days ago we sat outside enjoying afternoon coffee, but not today.
rainy day032311 (10)We got spoiled by a few really warm days in recent weeks. Today, it struggled to get to 50 degrees. It’s chilly and wet again. Grenville has started seeds in the greenhouse, and is waiting praying for dry weather to start spreading the manure.

Yes, I turned on the car wipers on after taking this photo, it just made for a better weather photo with rain on the windshield.P1050050For me, this was the a good day to visit the YMCA which we rejoined in mid-January. Well, perfect for me as Grenville stayed home to “do some paperwork.” Funny, that the paperwork was all over the bed when I left . . . hmmm. Do you think he was fibbing?

The “Y” was looking soggy from across the highway, but better close up because of flowers in bloom by the front entrance. The daffodils, while hard to see, are in full bloom.
It’s the flowering dogwood in full bloom right outside the front door that really makes a statement of spring. The small Panasonic digital camera that’s usually in the car helped capture its beauty to share.
dogwood0324 (1)
dogwood collage0324Seeing this beauty made going to the “Y” a good thing (well almost). But, the best part about a rainy day, like today, was wearing sweat clothes the ENTIRE day – because of the weather and the trip to the “Y”.

What do you enjoy doing when it rains?


Anvilcloud said...

Struggled to get to 50? Ah ...

Anonymous said...

HEY!!!!! What papers on the bed????? There were more papers on the bed??????? I'm not even done with the ones on my desk, so you get to shuffle the ones on the bed. AND what about taking you to LUNCH (at Annie's of course)and then to CVS. I did a lot today.....
Too bad it's raining again or a hammock ride would be in order.

Daisy said...

Oh my goodness, the dogwood is so lovely, Beatrice. Just beautiful! Sweat pants and rainy days go together well and are a good balance to those sunny days that are coming again soon. :)

Anonymous said...

The dogwood tree blossoms are so pretty! I find that cleaning house on a rainy day is easier than doing the same when it is nice and sunny outside!

Lois Evensen said...

Rainy days, like all other days, are great for baking bread. They are also great for playing with the kids, knitting, crocheting, computering side by side with My Honey.... ;)

Elaine said...

Those beautiful blossoms by the door of the Y certainly took some of the pain out of exercising. A rainy day is a good time to curl up with a good book and bake some yummy cookies. Of course, then you get to curl up with the good book and a plate of yummy cookies!

grammie g said...

HI Beatrice...the dogwood tree is just gorgeous!!
I don't like rainy turns me into the kid who can't go out and play !!
Sweatpants.. now your talking!!lol

Out on the prairie said...

Very nice blossoms.I tend to stay in and pound these keys, rather than go outside and possibly meltin the rain.LOL I have two rainsuits with me in the car so I don't have to stop should the weather change.If I am fishing do you think the fish care it is raining?

Anonymous said...

Why does rainy days look so nice in photographs? I do enjoy rain here too, but I can´t say it looks nice here then :-) Reading books is what I like best on rainy days.

Magnolias is something I only can dream about here. The climate is just a bit to hard for the hardiest of them.

Have a great day now!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks Everyone for sharing what you enjoy (or not) doing on a rainy day, from reading and baking to cleaning. I always bring a paperback on the "Y" trips and it passes the time while using the stationary bikes or treadmill.

Yes, AC, and it's still chilly today with a brisk wind.

Thanks GREENVILLE, lunch at Annie's was great, but it does seem like those are travelling papers.

LINDA, Cleaning is never a favorite, but does seem less of a chore when going outside isn't possible. Then when the weather is better, the chore is over.

LOIS, It's going to rain more this weekend, so I expect Grenville will be baking bread again too. The loaf from earlier this week is all gone.

ELAINE, I like your suggestion. Can you deliver some cookies too?

GRAMMIE G. somehow I can't see you staying indoors when it rains, since we have seen you out when it snows. Yes, the tree is lovely.

DAISY, you and I have similar thoughts about sweatpants and rainy days - great together. Actually sweatpants are great for anytime lounging at the F&P, especially weekends. I hope the dogwood blossoms last a little while longer as we don't have any in our own yard.

STEVE, I have always heard that any day is a good day for fishing and that rainy ones are the best.

Hi CHRISTER, rainy days are great to photograph, but not so much when my camera is getting wet so I shot a couple of photos from the porch or car. The magnolias here have not bloomed yet, but I will post some photos when they do. Enjoy your weekend!

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