Saturday, March 12, 2011

Going, Going . . . UP

got gas031211 (2)

That’s the continuing story about gas prices, nationwide and abroad. These prices were posted this a.m. at a nearby station on the VA eastern shore .

Thanks to ALL who posted a reply on Got Gas, 2 days ago. This is a subject that gets folks talking from EVERYWHERE.

It's totally outrageous!

We are going to cut down on any casual non-necessary driving from here on out.

Just stop driving cars.

Wish we still had a 40mpg car. Anyone know of a good 1994 Sentra for sale?

Where will it end ?

What we can complain loudly about is why vehicles are not getting 50 mpg! The technology is available.

I know there is a law about prices increasing only once in 24 hours, but that does not mean they MUST increase every day.

Thought about a horse and buggy but it is $4.00 for a bale of hay

RECAP of prices and locations . . .

Ludwig (GA)- filled up at $3.45 and 9/10 down here in the South.

Larry (Iowa) - paid $3.38 (but I know it is temporary).

Daisy (Ohio) - $3.40 here the other day.

Lois (Ohio) – filled yesterday for $3.41/gal in Cincinnati.

Kjell (native of Norway) - $9.57/gal. there

Christine (Mama-Bug, FL) - $3.59 at the Wal-Mart in Panama City, Florida.

Sandra (FL) - $3.50 the signs SAYS $3.49  and 9/10's which makes no sense to me; we always round it up and say it like it is.

Possum (eastern shore, VA) -  $3.59 at my place in the Poconos (PA), but $4.79 in Hawaii.

Linda (PA) - $3.59/gallon this morning in Warren, PA.

Grammie G. (Maine) -  average is. $3.49 in Lewiston, Maine.

Connie – Far Side (MN) – $3.49 here.

Christer (Sweden) - we pay $8.03 U.S. dollars per gallon! The price is much the same all over Europe too.

Dogsmom (WI) - after that last comment, we should not complain as loudly over $3.50/gal.

AC (Canada) - paying about $1 more per gallon than you here.

OldBikeRider (Blacksburg,VA) - about $3.40-$3.50 here.

Martymom (eastern shore, VA) – we are in the same neck of the woods. 


Anvilcloud said...

Wow! Scandinavia!

Daisy said...

I guess we should be glad we're not in Norway and Sweden.

Anonymous said...

It´s nice to know that it wasn´t most expensive here anyway :-) :-) :-) As You all understand I plan all my driving so I don´t have to drive unnecessary.

Have a great day!

Pat transplanted to MN said...

It is $3.49 here in south east MN. We used to be a nickel less than across the river in WI, but that is not so this past winter. Why? Who knows. It truly is a case of speculators driving up the cost. Well sadly this means the price of everything else is to follow, the cost of transport, and higher fuel means more expensive everythinbg. I surmise this is right up the alley of those who want us to buy those roller skate electric cars that Americans won't buy and yet the gov't subsidized....but then that is another soap box.

Lois Evensen said...

Drill Baby Drill!

possum said...

DUDES and Dudesses! Hurry up to the state line. $3.39 at the Exxon - $3.43 at Royal Farms. Hurry up before they sell out!

Frank said...

We are paying the equivalent of $2.09 for a litre so that about $7.90 a gallon!! Just be thankful you are not on this side of the world.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Everyone, we can all agree that the price of gas is costly in our parts of the country and the world.
Agreed, AC and DAISY!
CHRISTER, your comment about planning trips is a good one and one we've started doing as well in addition to walking when we can like to the P.O. or a local store to get the paper suggested.
Thanks PAT for your comments and you are so right about the cost of everything else going up because it takes more fuel to get products where they're going. Ultimately, we the consumers pay the price on both ends.
LOIS, you got that right.
Thanks POSSUM we're headed that way on Sunday and will check it out if there's any left :-(
Hi FRANK, thanks for the visit and your comment and Yes I am very thankful right now!

Ginnie said...

I'm 78...I don't drink, smoke, over-eat or swear. I haven't had a significant other for years ... So, what's left ? For me, it's getting in my car and driving !
Just my luck that I'm not rich either !!

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