Monday, October 24, 2011

Vanquishing of the Electro Gremlins

As Princess Beatrice told yesterday, the Electro Gremlins had attacked the AC Adapter for my trusty net book, Asus. Unfortunately i had been running Asus on battery to drain it down before giving it a full charge.
Alas, i had left the AC Adapter plugged in, but not connected to Asus. When i went to attach it to Asus, the adapter was dead. The magical blue pilot light had gone dark. The Electro Gremlins had attacked and taken possession.
Luckily Sir Acer Tab was fully charged and the search for a replacement AC Adapter was on. After much research it was learn that a replacement could be obtained at Best Buy, which is just down the road here. But before retiring i beseeched the King of Trons to intercede in this dastardly deed.
Upon arising this poor Frog was witness to an immense battle between the Knights of Tron, led by the King himself, and the dastardly Electro Gremlins. The Knights of Tron had amassed on the counter above the possessed AC Adapter. Their trusty steeds of Dos hitched to Chariots of Firewire, snorting bytes of code, were covered with Norton Shields. Banners and pennants unfurled and awaiting the order to charge.
Meanwhile the Electro Gremlins were standing fast on the AC Adapter, and loading their Trojan Horse with viral worms for the battle ahead.
As i poured my first cup of coffee the battle trumpets began to blare out the call to arms. The Knights of Tron began their charge, the Elecrto Gremlins began firing the worms. The battle raged for some time until one of the brave Knights of Tron was able to a attach a Macaphee Masher to the Trojan Horse, which once detonated dissolved its floppy disks (it was a really old Trojan).
As i finished my coffee i decided to reach over and plug the AC Adapter in one last time. What could it hurt? The Electro Gremlins had been vanquished. To my wonder and delight the Magical Blue Light began to glow.  As Asus came to life cheers could be heard throughout the land and all was well again in the Bailiwick of the Trons.


Elaine said...

Quite the epic battle between the forces of good and evil. Glad you didn't try to plug the adapter in while the battle was going on--it wouldn't have been pretty.

Grenville T. Boyd said...

Yes Elaine, the battle was so ferocious that i almost spilled my coffee this morning :-).

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