Thursday, March 24, 2011

What is This? #8 Answer

It’s Grenville’s favorite place to relax on a warm afternoon – the hammock on the back patio.

Congrats to several folks who got this one and thanks to everyone for playing along.

0324 patio hammock

Elaine, you are really getting to know Grenville’s habits too well and you were the first of several correct answers. Also getting this one were Steve, Sandra and Rusty.

Marty and Possum thanks for being good sports and not giving this away as you both knew the answer from being at the F& P.

Good guesses – Mona, Lois, and Christer but we don’t have a basketball net anywhere near our home. Heavens, AC, bite your tongue as there are NO chain link fences here.

No chickens, Abe, although the eggs would be nice to enjoy. You got chickens?.

Better luck next time, Mona (Wspersweetly of Cottages) and Grammie G.

IF any winners really want to spread the sh*t  or manure, contact Grenville – he has plenty to go around.


Elaine said...

Well, could the manure be spread around in my yard? Then I'd be happy to help. We'll have to wait until sometime in May though. The couple of feet of snow on the ground right now would be a bit of a problem I believe.

don said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting. Well, tonight I just noticed it's started raining...and predicted to stick around several days.
All the best.

T. Becque said...

I've always wanted one of these!

dogsmom said...

That does look mighty comfy!
I am sorry that I have not been around. In fact, there were a few days when I was manure moving, but now all is covered again with the dread white stuff.
Hoping to get back in the swing (no pun) after next week. (Lots of projects spread all over the bed here too)

Sandra said...

wow and along with the comfort it makes a super duper shadow shot. love love the photo, with all the shadows and lines...

Montanagirl said...

I figured it was a net, I just guessed the wrong item! Fun.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi ELAINE, Grenville said if you can pay the delivery charges, then he would even come and help spread it.

Welcome DON and thanks too for your visit. We're expecting rain over the weekend and it's possible some parts may see white flakes but that could be just wishful thinking for some. Please drop in anytime.

Hi T. BECQUE, hammock naps are highly recommended and I think that's why Grenville put in the back patio - so he could have some posts for the hammock to hang.

Welcome back DOGSMOM, we heard that psrts of the U.S. got snow again and even a dusting in our home state of NJ. Our manure spreading will be delayed until next week at the earliest with the forecast of more rain (maybe a bit of snow) over this weekend.

Thanks SANDRA, I could have done either shadow, but thought the hammock one would be a bit more challenging.

MONA, you were right on about the netting!

Honest Abe Lincoln said...

I tried to get some chickens but the city has rules against them. The kids were not that old. I didn't have a bicycle to ride over to the creek so I rode my tricycle. I am guessing the oldest was about thirteen. He was the one who always had cigarettes and would lite one up to burn off the leaches.

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