Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mutton Hunk Fen, What is it?????

Hi kids. Sorry if i confused some of you on this. After checking back, the first installment of the Saga of Mutton Hunk Fen was part of another entry, Getting a little behind .  SO let me start over. Mutton Hunk Fen is a 418 acres former dairy farm that was converted to a tomato farm and then a soy bean fram. A few years ago the owners sold to the Nature Conservancy who eventually sold to the State of Virginia. The farm was turned over to the Dept. of Conservation100_0356 and Recreation Natural Heritage division. As a member of the Eastern Shore Master Naturalist Chapter i do volunteer work for DCR. Over the last two years we have done  restoration work on over 125 acres by replanting native bushes and trees. By natural succession the area will revert back to its original vegitation. This in turn will provide habitat for native animals, birds and migratory birds. The Eastern Shore of Va. is a part of the East Coast Flyway for migratory birds and butterflies. This year we have a grant to restore 100 acres with Wax Myrtle bushes and native Oak trees. So far we have done area 3 and part of 2. Next week we will finish area 2 and 1.

100_0460 So what is the parking lot for????? he Preserve will be open to the public this summer. There are limited facilities. It is not like a State Park with picnic and other activities. But the public will be able to walk the Preserve, bird watch, and enjoy some nature education activities. The trick is finding this place.

Here are the other past posts on Hutton Hunk Fen.    First Post

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Sorry for the confusion…. AND now back to our FUN ON THE FEN…..


Lois Evensen said...

Ah, ha, the mystery of the parking lot is solved. :)

Anvilcloud said...

This will become such a great area in the years to come. You are doing such a good thing.

Congratulations on the grand daughter. They are wonderful creatures. Love mine to absolute bits.

Daisy said...

This sounds like an ambitious and very worthwhile project. It's nice to know someone cares about the world we live in.

Sandra said...

this is wonderful to me, you are doing such a great thing. we need more places like this for our wild life. good job

Out on the prairie said...

What a great project, I work around this a lot.

Anonymous said...

I think it´s great that the area will become what it once was. They do smaller projects like that around the crane lake here too. They let the water level slowly rise higher and higher making it a real lake once again instead of letting it be a swamp as it was for a long time :-)

Have a great day now!

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for the positive thinking. This project will end sometime in early May. The next one will be "Sea Grass Restoration" at the end of May begining of June.

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