Saturday, March 12, 2011

Grand Something is Solved

Some of you may remember that around the holidays we found out the we were going to be Grand Parents again. But after looking for that old post i realize that it doesn’t exist. OOOPPPSSSS!!!! OK OK OK During the holidays we found out that we were going to be grandparents again. GRANDSON announced that he was getting a sister. Well that was back in December. Every week since then when i talk to Oldest Daughter i ask “did you find out yet??????” And she reminds me of how many more weeks we have to wait. Last week Beatrice decided that it was definitely going to be a GRAND DAUGHTER and started buying Girl stuff. Of course i have had a sneaking suspicion all along the it would be a GRAND DAUGHTER
At this point i should give you some family background. My Aunt (the last GIRL in the family) in Ct. is just 11 years older than me and we grew up two houses away from each other. She has always been the ‘big sister’ i never had. To appreciate the next part you have to know that my Aunt loved to sew and make cloths, especially for kids (a bad habit she got from my Mother). My only other cousin, another BOY, was smart and convinced his parents to move to Florida when we were about 5 years old. So he ended up escaping what turned out to be my fate. I still don’t talk to him. Luckily i have survived this trauma and am reasonably normal after spending some of my younger years being dressed in home made clothing and often made to participate in ‘Fashion Shows’. She also made doll cloths and  Halloween costumes.
My Aunt got married they had 4 BOYS. Her #1 SON got married and they had 2 BOYS. I got married and we had (hold on here, this is a biggie) 2, yes that is two GIRLS!!!!!!! (No not at the same time). They were the first girls in the family since my Aunt. 
To say that the GIRLS were spoiled as kids is an understatement of grand magnitude.  As time went on Oldest Daughter got married and had a BOY, and my Aunts #3 SONgot married and had a ….. You guessed it, BOY.
Friday morning we were really slow to get moving. In fact at 9:30 we were just starting breakfast as the phone rang. It was Daughter #1 who was on her way home from the Doctors office and announced we were going to have a …… Get ready….. hold on……. almost there
For those of you who may not realize, the ‘Possum’ you see here now and then lives just down the road. She stopped over Friday afternoon to help me eat some pumpkin pie that Beatrice forced me to eat and i casually mentioned that we finally knew we would be having a GRAND DAUGHTER in July. To get the full effect of her reaction you have to read her blog of today. Possum Lane  To say Possum is a GOOD FRIEND is an understatement.
The next big question is “What is her name going to be??????”


martymom said...

Grenville and Beatrice: Congratulations on the up coming granddaughter. I am happy for you and #1 daughter, son-in-law and little brother.

Anonymous said...

Thank you my Dear!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you both!

Lois Evensen said...

Congratulations!! :)))

Grand kids are the BEST. We have four of the girl variety and two of the boy variety. They are all wonderful. :))

Anonymous said...

We are very excited Lois and Linda. Like i said, Beatrice is already buying girl cloths and i have my eye on a 'pink' John Deere so she an her brother can come down and work on the farm.

Elaine said...

Congrats! Grandkids are great fun--the part I think you will appreciate the most is that when they are naughty they go home with mom and dad.

OldBikeRider said...

I am not sure, after knowing you as a youngster and an adult that you can prove "Luckily i have survived this trauma and am reasonably normal ..."

Of course 'reasonably' covers a lot of ground.

Congratulations, may the Y's win.

Daisy said... exciting! Congratulations on your soon to be new granddaughter! :)

Sandra said...

so happy for you. little girls are so FUN.. and DOLLS I love dolls. headed over to possum lane now

Anonymous said...

Good thought Elaine. We usually sugar him up first....YES OBR reasonably does cover a lot of ground ... ground we don't want to tread on other than lightly.. :-). Thank you Daisy and Sandra.

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