Sunday, March 3, 2013

Post Office for Sale

Who owns the “Post Office” or more specifically the USPS? Technically, it’s the U.S. Federal Government.  However, it’s classified as an “independent establishment of the executive branch of the Government of the U.S.” and operates independently of government control, run by its own non-political directors.IMG_8858

But, right here in this little VA eastern shore town of under 550, both the lot AND apparently the building that currently houses the Onley, VA  post office are for sale.

Nope, this is NOT a joke folks.

YES, this is the VA town we’re  living in until our home, The Frog & PenguINN, sells and Grenville and I can relocate to northern climes, closer to grandkids.

SEEMS most things have a price these days, and this bargain can be had for $250,000 — only a quarter of a million dollars.

While this may seem like an early April Fool’s joke, it’s NOT. That sign is really outside the property and appeared there this week. It’s placed near a home, possibly some folks think it’s a residential listing. But these photos and details from the listing website leave no doubt that it’s not.

Listing Photo 36282Back View

Listing Details
List Price: $250,000
Farm: No
County: Accomack
Waterfront: NON-WATER
Water Frontage (Feet) +/-:  
Water View-Wide Long Limited:  
Year Built +/-: 1960
Sq Ft +/-: 1840
# Restrooms: 0
Lot Size +/-: .333
Current Use: Office, Business Service, Other-See Remarks
Exterior: Brick and Block
Heating System: Circulating Hot Water, Boiler
Cooling System: Central A/C, Heat Pump
Water/Sewer: Well Water, Septic System
Access: Interstate 1 mile or Less, City Street, Paved Road
Floors: Concrete Slab/Grade, Vinyl/Asphalt/Tile
Roof System: Steel Joists, Built-Up
Location: Freestanding
Parking: 0-10 Spaces
C&I Features: Loading Dock, Lifts, Delivery Doors
Miscellaneous: 220 Volts, Office up to 2500 Sq Ft

It seems that the building and parking lot are privately owned and the post office pays a monthly rental. Word is that the current owner wants to sell high to make a profit — doesn’t everyone these days?

Grenville and I were wondering IF a new owner could oust the current tenant. We hope not cause we really like the P.O. staff who are always friendly, cheerful and helpful. We’ve come to know the clerks in our nearly 8 years of living here. Here in Onley, folks living on Main Street have house delivery; those of us living on back streets have an assigned P.O. box in this building. Even though we plan to relocate, we hope they are not forced to do so prematurely.

Additional Inside 1Additional Inside 3

Any prospective buyer would be located right in the center of downtown Onley, VA on the corner of Main St and Coastal Blvd.

Additional 2

All the photos are taken from the realty listing, except for the For Sale sign which was photographed this week.

Since I was curious about the availability of post offices, I did some online research. I found out that those in the market for a new office building or warehouse, riverfront property, a site located near downtown stores, or maybe in a suburban office park should check out options offered by the The U.S. Postal Service.

In 2011, the USPS launched, a site listing more than 90 post offices and mail distribution centers that it’s hoping to sell to generate revenue and cut operational costs. The site works like any other online real estate site: Type in a state and city, ideal price, and then browse options.

Everything has a price.


Anvilcloud said...

Stamp out PO sales.

Debby said...

I wonder if this is something we will see more of or it's just a issue of the owner wanting to get rid of it's renters. Very strange to see a sign for sale in front of a post office. Very sad in alot of ways. Technology has hurt the post office for sure.

Daisy said...

That's something I've never thought about before, I guess, to see a post office for sale. That seems rather strange.

Montanagirl said...

I wonder how many more post offices will be ousted or closed up?? Ours has been reduced to a 4 hour per day schedule now .

Sandra said...

this is a shocker, never really thought about who owned it. if we bought it and lived in it we could use all those boxes for drawers... we have a beautiful historic one here, with 5 that were built from 60's to 80s

grammie g said...

Hi B...You had me giggling from the get go! I guess I never gave any thought to that! I always thought it was a federal government crime if you
stole stamps or picked the lock with a bobby pin to somebodies box LOL haha afraid I'd be going to the BIG house!! Them outlaws where in some big trouble with the US Marshall's when they robbed the post office !!
Thanks for heads up on the sale..I'll let you know if I know of anybody who wants to buy a post office that has no restrooms and is not a farm!!
Sure hope your not going to loose your little center post office!!

A Quiet Corner said...

That is certainly a first for me! Never saw a PO for sale in my life!!!...:)JP

Debbie said...

An interesting entry, something I never thought about!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I couldn't help but notice that by Bathroom was a zero. Wonder what the postal workers do when they need to go potty? I hope you don't lose your post office!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I should have said "restroom" instead of "bathroom".

Doris said...

Oh my, it never occured to me that the USPS wouldn't own the building which serves us. I hope you get to keep your post ofice right where it is least until you move ;-)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Folks, thanks for all your comments and concern. The good news is that the rental lease for our local post office runs to 2015so it will be staying in the same place even if sold.

Sadly, it's true that former post office facilities are being sold as revenues decline. Technology is great, but has caused people to become lazy at personal communications as many prefer to post to a social network site or send ecards vs. mailing the "old-fashioned" postcard, letter or card. Personally speaking, blogging is my only social media outlet. I continue to mail out notes and cards regardless of rising costs. To me it's the more personal thing to do.

Becki Smith said...
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