Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snow & After

The VA eastern shore had a (rare) white Christmas with a 16-inch snowfall that started Dec 25 and went for 24 hours. This was the view on Dec 26 in the F&P front yard . . .

house in snow1210 (3)

and the same view, a couple of weeks later after days with temps in the high 40s . . .0111 house after snow (4)







We spent this weekend un-decorating inside the F&P – Grenville will post about this project later. The outside lights and decos will come down once the weather stays warm for awhile, cause – it snowed today.


This goldfinch and male cardinal were glad the feeders were refilled after our post-holiday travels. The snow was pretty, but short-lived with no accumulation; however, there’s the possibility of another snowfall by early this week.

After all, it’s W-I-N-T-E-R


Anvilcloud said...

We also had a week of bare lawn, but we're now covered again -- not by much though.

Anonymous said...

The snow is melting rather fast here now when we´ve had two days with temps over 32. But it will get colder already tomorrow so no bare ground will be seen for a long time yet.

Have a great day now!

Judy said...

Hi Beatrice,

Love the photos! What a difference a few days make in the way your home looked with the snow and without the snow. I love the birds, too. I'm thinking about getting a bird feeder in the spring. I'd love to take photos of the birds. Are those bird feeders high maintenance? I don't want to have to clean bird poop! ... lol ...


grammie g said...

Hi Beatrice...Had close to 3 inches at my place last night...but the thing is that a town over got only a dusting, I guess my cloud was thicker... haha!!
I love your Cardinal picture! They are so beautiful in the snow!!
I like your house ...look like a gingerbread house ..: }}!!

Out on the prairie said...

This is a different winter , all ours melted after christmas.We just got a few inches and more all week.

Lovethesun said...

Hi there, I see you are still enjoying your camera clicking. I always love your pics of birds.

Marit Johanne said...

Thank you for visiting my blog Minner fra min barndoms√ły (Memories from my childhood's island). I have enjoyed so much to look at all the wonderful pictures on your blog. Your house is beautiful, just like we think an American house should be :) And how nice with snow! We have had a very cold November and December and much snow. But now it is raining! I am afraid there is too much snow to rain away before it gets cold again. Probably it will just freeze and become very iced. I have plans to do some reorganization on that blog and do some new posts soon. As it is now the posts has mostly just been moved from my other blog. You are welcome to my main blog too, there has been many snow pictures lately!

Lois Evensen said...

I just love your beautiful old home. So pretty and so much character.

Hugs to you both from the High Seas,
Lois ;)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments about our home - The Frog & Penguinn!

Hey AC, winter is definitely not over yet. We may get yet another dusting early this week or possibly some sleet in which case I prefer snow. And, Christer it may be spring until you see bare ground again - wow 2 days with temps over 32 degree F is a heat wave for you!

Hi Judy, the bird feeders are fun and watching the birds from the kitchen window is great entertainment as I have morning coffee. The only maintenance with the feeders is keeping them filled with seed to attract visitors - and hoping the unwelcome visitors of blackbirds, grackles and starlings don't eat it all first!

Thanks Grammie G for the comment on our house - we like it too! And you MUST have had lots more snow in the clouds over your town!

Steve, our snow is just about gone now too, except for some small mounds left over from Grenville's plowing - would like a little more, but could do without the after-Christmas snowfall. Now, at least, we could relax and enjoy it cause all the holiday travel is done.

Hi love the sun (Rosa) THANKS for checking in with our blog. Please do come back soon. My camera is a new Samsung that I bought as my gift this year and it's been great fun for bird watching - 26X zoom and no bulky lenses to carry.

Welcome Marit - so glad you dropped in and visited our blog and glad you liked our home too. It does look great with snow around. I will visit your blog and comment and hope you will come back again - visitors always welcome and appreciated here!

Lois, so nice to have you visit today - will be visiting your blog to see what you and your honey are up to on the high seas.

Country Mouse Studio said...

I agree, your home is beautiful, hopefully spring comes soon.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks Ann, and while spring would be nice, we actually DO enjoy the snowfalls especially when they are so beautiful as the recent one on Christmas Day.

Lisa RedWillow said...

I love the red bird.. How very very beautiful. thank you for stopping. Stop again.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Lisa and welcome to our little blog - the male cardinal is my favorite as well and since the cardinal is the state bird of VA and we live on the VA eastern shore (formerly from NJ) is't wonderful to capture him. Please do stop by again and will do the same.

Desiree said...

Your home looked so pretty covered in snow - what a lovely Christmas present!

Your bird pics are absolutely marvellous! How privileged you are having such beautiful visitors to your garden!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Welcome Desiree and many thanks for the comments on our home. The snow was lovely and so well-timed starting on Christmas Day. We enjoyed it, while it lasted. The bird photos are such fun, but right now the feeders have been invaded by so many of the unwelcome visitors (grackles, starlings and blackbirds) and I decline to feature those food hogs. Hopefully the prettier and most welcome bird visitors will return - the UW frighten them away and take over now, unfortunately.

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