Thursday, January 13, 2011

Plop, plop, plopppp!!!!!

Here it is January and we all know what that drumming sounds is. The beat of the Winter Dull Drums!!!!! But we still have the memories of a great Christmas season. Even last weekend was fun as we De-Decorated.

De-decoing collage

It may not have been as exciting as decorating but we enjoyed it all the same. Some of you may remember that before Christmas Beatrice said “we are not going crazy with deco’s this year”. Well even though we gave away some of the decos we’ve collected over the years we still had a lot. And to be honest i’ve never met a Christmas decoration i didn’t want to put out. So here are some of those that made the first cut.

100_0118 100_0134

100_0132 100_0133


Even though we don’t usually use pictures of ourselves, here we are on Christmas Eve  waiting for Santa.


And now all the deco’s are safely back in the attic till next year. I’ve been told by the Princess that we ‘Will Not Be Traveling’ until after the holidays next year. I think she may be ‘traveled out’ but she  has been making a list and checking it twice, and there has been rumors of a Southern Expedition before planting time comes around.


Country Mouse Studio said...

some very nice decorations there

Anonymous said...

Thanks Country Mouse. We both were collectors of 'stuff'. And when we combined all our 'stuff' it filled up many big green tubs.

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