Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It’s a RR Trestle

Many folks guessed correctly that the first What is This for 2011 is a RR trestle. But, this one was seen seated on a rock bed in back of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania in Lancaster County, PA. There was no information available about where these pieces came from or whether they will be moved indoors at the museum.
RR trestle collage
The RR museum is a fascinating place even if you are not into trains. It’s a huge facility with trains both inside the museum and on the grounds. 
Grenville is a HUGE train fan (in case you haven’t noticed). We spent several hours at the museum on a previous visit, but this trip was a quick stop for Grenville to get some information. We’re going to revisit it again. And, of course, we’ll give everyone a photo tour.


Elaine said...

Of course! I forgot about Grenville's enthusiasm for all things trains. I look forward to the tour.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Yes, Elaine, he is a huge train fan and we can't pass up any chance to see them. He's even talking about a cross country train trip to visit friends in Oregon...but we're going to stay closer to home for awhile.

Sandra said...

I love trains and riding on them. we live 10 miles from the Florida Railroad Museum. twice I rode on the train, once behind an Old steam engine and once behind the engines that ran the Seaboard Coastline when I was growing up. My mother born and raised in Palmetto FL married and moved to Savannha Ga. i spent my child hood riding back and forth by train. thus the love of trains. these are spectacualr photos of the trestle.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Sandra, Grenville loves trains and riding on them too. And just wait until he hears there is a FLorida RR Museum as we are planning a FL road trip for our next adventure. He just reunited with a Navy buddy who's living in the Panhandle and I have a friends in Bradenton, Winter Garden, Clearwater and Orlando. Hey maybe we will see you at the museum when we visit :-) Sure would be nice to meet face-to-face.

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